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shed off ….

i know that i have always wanted to look more pleasing as before, when i used to be not in this stage wherein i somehow feel guilty that i never had to watch my diet.

at this stage, i’m having high cholesterol level which requires me to at least shed off some lbs, and watch what i eat.

i know i should do it because i want to live longer, but because i need to.

its somehow, a dual purpose, coz i also have been wanting to loose a lot of everything in excess of my body.

i started this diet – general motors diet but its with some modifications since i dont want it to be abrupt.

in 4 days, i lost 1.5kgs and for me its already such a big achievement.

good luck to me as i continue on this diet….this somehow put a smile on my face.


struggling at work

since february, when my colleague resigned, i’ve been having overloaded working days.

all my days are considered, STRESSFUL, i will shout, yell over the phone, and sorry to say, oftentimes, utter $#%&*^(@ and bang the phone after talking to customers or co workers.

this might be one among the phases of my life wherein i felt really stressed.

i hate to admit it but my stress really shows  when you see me…

how i hope this day will end….til when….will they pity me.

about cravings…

i can still remember how i and hubby did the food tripping in all the restaurants within our work area back in the philippines.

we have made it a point to have our weekend date by trying out specialties in each of the restaurants.

i have been surfing blogs to check out nice food in singapore, coz we are also venturing out varieties here the way we do back home.

while watching tv, i came across this food blog and it did  catch my attention, plus would you believe that the blogger’s profile is a doctor.

quite impressive!

silent mode pero babawi

have a lot of things to blog but such little time…so bulleted na lang muna entries para at least may update

  • my telephone plan will end so soon come august 9, so i can have my new unit, nagsawa na ako with my ericsson eh
  • my bday fast approaching na rin, another year but happy to be blessed and starting to fulfill my dreams, at least now, i can say, i made a career move, na nandito na ako sa sg and hindi nagpapakaburo sa pinas
  • my mom is so active in church, though i miss her. i’m so blessed to have aunts and cousins who are all there to be with my mom since dad already passed away
  • my cousin finally got the job here in sg, and guess what we’re officemates, her pass approved. she was hired after a week, swerte nya ako back up nya…hehehe! she owed me a lot now….hahaha! manumbat ba daw
  • having a new back up career plan…hopefully maging ok hindi ko muna ibubulgar para hindi maunsyame
  • i am working my heart out since my manager’s bro passed away, too sad to hear about the news…but i’m blessed and happy that i’m surviving the one man pressure, though supported at times by my supervisor
  • thanks God its friday….i will have a good weekend…no work
  • cousin, i and hubby with all our friends watched the last full show of batman last sunday
  • christian dior has a employees sale and we can avail it….yes, mini shopping galore…hehehe

some info more in my next entry….

venting out mode

recently i’m having this tiring workweek of my life….syempre ilang rants na ito di ba, because i need to cover up for a work…pero i am still happy, though super stressed.

i sometimes end up na natatarayan ko mga tao sa paligid ko and that includes the sales people…nakikita na tunay na kulay ko…but i know, i have  a point na magtaray kasi i know nasa lugar ako.

keber ko ba if feeling nila eh, nagmamagaling ako….eh hindi kaya sila marunong sumunod sa SOP …law breaker din sila.

nasa reklamador mode ako lately kasi pati work quality ko affected dahil sa mga walang kwenta at walang keber na tao sa paligid ko…syempre ako babalikan ng clients sa kapalpakan nila dito…pwede ko bang pagtakpan always ang pagiging inefficient nila di ba?

hay naku buhay nga naman, minsan nag iisip ako mag resign because of this situation, pero alam ko wala pa to sa katiting ng hirap ko mula sa Pinas na 9na taon kong ginugol…

mas ok naman ako dito, yun nga lang mga service failures nila ako ang kailangan mag cover up…

sometimes nag fuck up at nawawalan ng sistema lahat….ikaw pa rin ang babalikan….shet talaga minsan ang buhay lalo na sa mga taong mahilig mangealam ng gusto nila para ma please ang clients, eh hindi naman workable.

ewan ko, if nagiging negative lang ako lagi, pero so far kasi talagang hindi posible ang gusto nila…may eepal pang pwede…dun ako inis….nangengealam ng diskarte, palpak naman…

ako kasi oo i will try, pero pag sinabi na malabo na mangyari bakit pa pilitin di ba…

hay naku venting out mode lang ito sa work….naiisip tuloy ng boss ko mareklamo ako….yung isa ngang natarayan ko eh, binawi sa akin ng boss ko yung file sa akin at siya na daw bahala.

di ba, eh kahit boss ko nainis nung sya nag take over eh…puro na lang pasa ng pasa ng trabaho…hindi na ma define ang hangganan.

inis ako sa mga taong abusado…hay….naku! buhay nga naman!

…to be able to sleep longer

i have always had this feeling waiting for the weekend, para makatulog ng mas mahaba…and with this words…nasapol ako ng BU Mgr ko…

our company shuttle usually have 3 batches, 6, 7 and 8pm.

so syempre, i was hoping i can catch the 7pm, pero since wala akong pasok ng saturday, i had to finish all my backlogs.

tapos when the second hand of the clock hits 8pm, my BU Mgr says, ” Yna lets go!, are you catching the last bus? or you need me to pass to you the cab card? ( kasi pag 9pm taxi na kami…company expense na)… then i replied “no don’t ever pass to me or else, i will be obliged to stay back late again!”

while taking the lift, 2 lang kasi kami….eto naging conversation.

Moi : finally its weekend again, will have longer hours to sleep.

Boss : yup, take some more naps and try not to be late for work

(putsa, mukhang na hit ko ang prompt button para masabihan ako nito, in fairness, late ako for the past 3weeks, siguro mga 2 araw lang ata hindi! bumabalik na naman yung katamaran kong bumangon ng maaga )….hmp, so syempre nag nod lang ako….tahimik mode ang lola nyo at eto lang nasabi ko.

Moi : ok

Boss : actually its ok for me, but i don’t want others to say that i’m bias, especially that you got new colleagues

syempre napahiya ako though mabait naman ang pagkakasabi nya…

Moi : yup i understand

Boss : its ok to be late but not frequently, its not a good example to your new colleagues…actually its just ok for me since you are staying back late. but i just don’t want them to say that i’m not being fair. so see you

Moi : ok….( nye tameme ang lola nyo)

tapos while waiting for uncle (bus driver) to open the shuttle, 8:05pm na at nainip na ako, sabi ko

Moi : uncle can please open the door

Boss : just be patient few more minutes and we’re about to go.

nakita tuloy ng boss ko ang pagiging mainipin ko…hay naku….anyway, natuto ako at sana magising ako ng maaga this week….

woke up with body weakness

shit! (sorry for the word, but i was crying upon waking up!)….magising ka ba naman ng hindi mo maibangon sarili mo because since i got this swollen gums, comes along was numbness of my right arm and right leg.

i nearly can’t get out from bed…as in that night even turning from side to side was terrible…hubby said if i won’t go to work and just stay in bed, baka lalong lumala.

he had to pull me up…but the pain was terrible that i should do it with a chair to support myself…so just imagine the pain….tangnana di ba…all the while i thought i can’t walk anymore and that thought frightened me.

i had myself checked by the doctor the night before but they said i need to see dentist…

pero hindi ko na ininda and off to work ako though limpy at iika ika ang walk ko…