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masaya pag uwe…

aminado ako, double meaning etong title ng post na to.

1. sa loob ng 3 taong pag papaka-alila sa bansang ito, ngayon lang ako ngumiti tuwing umuuwe galing opisina.

2. masaya dahil muling babalik sa lupang sinilangan at mag-cecelebrate ng bday sa sariling bansa.

naging mahirap at challenging ang aking training ground sa pinagtratrabahuhan ko….ngunit datapwat etong paghihirap na to ang naging pondasyon ng aking kaalaman at tapang na harapin ang hirap sa araw araw na trabahong haharapin. masaya na mahirap…

sa aking pag uwe, masaya akong makita muli ang aking butihing ina, kapatid at kamag-anakan at kaibigan. matitikman muli ang mga wala dito. ngingiti sa tuwing may kaibigang makakasalamuha

sana lang po Lord, maging maganda ang panahon ng aking pag uwi.

excited na din ako sa pagpunta sa resthouse.


pounds extra …. no more

im proud to say in 2 weeks time, i have lost 5kgs.

my doctor said that it has been a good development for me, for my high cholesterol to be lowered and for better health

thanks and hope to shed off pounds some more.

do i see the light?

light in my world? will i see it soon?

i’m happy and excited as i tackle new challenge in my career…..over with the toughest challenge one can ever imagine …

now hope i can be competent enough as i face another horizon….

shed off ….

i know that i have always wanted to look more pleasing as before, when i used to be not in this stage wherein i somehow feel guilty that i never had to watch my diet.

at this stage, i’m having high cholesterol level which requires me to at least shed off some lbs, and watch what i eat.

i know i should do it because i want to live longer, but because i need to.

its somehow, a dual purpose, coz i also have been wanting to loose a lot of everything in excess of my body.

i started this diet – general motors diet but its with some modifications since i dont want it to be abrupt.

in 4 days, i lost 1.5kgs and for me its already such a big achievement.

good luck to me as i continue on this diet….this somehow put a smile on my face.


yes this is it, i’ll be soon be handing the load

i’m happy and soonest all promises will soon materialize