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the struggle week to foresee..

since i will be in great battle this beginning of the week, i had enuf of the rest and sleep i could ever have.

i got no saturday work, giving me more excuse to take all the sleep i’ve lost for the past week.

my BU Mgr will be on leave for 3 days, which means i will be left doing all the export things alone….struggling, the battlefield of workload and just the thought kills me, so help me God.

I was asking God for more strength, presence of mind and the ability to cope for 3 days.

i know i was able to do it last time when my boss was not around, but its totally different now that the workload is really more than a truckload and what my memory could ever bear to carry…exag ba? pero yun talaga ang reality.

i could imagine myself going home again soooo late….i admit to be guilty of not having been a good wife to my hubby just because of being too much busy with work…being too much pre occupied with work never permits me to have quality time with him, which i am starting to hate now.

if only i can resign and find another not so toxic job like this, i will…but of course, i want to build good image in the company…kumbaga utang na loob nga naman for them being so good to me, but the workload ang pinaka reklamo ko lang talaga.

ito ang conversation namin ng BU Mgr ko last Friday.

him : ” i will be on leave for 3 days, here are the files that i’m leaving to you (he was talking to me and my supervisor ”

moi : oh, i see, can you brief us what to do with those files.

him : easy but tricky and complicating

moi and sup : (looked at each other, with our eyebrows raised)….haay, die die

sup : don’t worry i will try to help you when i’m settled

moi : (at the back of my mind, i know she will really do support me, but she got her own workloads as well)

bu mgr : don’t worry i will try to do what i can do from my end

moi : die die _____

bu mgr : you need to learn and stand in your own feet, firm with your decisions as i can’t be always here all the time

moi : (parang paramdam na yun, bad trip di ba? ano yun mag re-resign ang lolo mo…omg!

Lord, how i wish i can have time to finish work on time this week, the only tolerable time to go back is 7pm so i can spend quality time with hubby.

i don’t want to ruin the relationship just because of being too workaholic…

if he only knew, that i wouldn’t want this situation i am facing now, but i was left with no options but to finish the work….


hubby tags…

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How long did you date? almost 10 years before we decided to get hitched…and still dating

Who eats more? obviously, i do…( no doubts)

How old is he? 30+ and he stopped counting since then..

Who said “I love you” first? He did… over the phone…corny!

Who is taller? He is definitely…

Who sings better? Papatalo ba naman ako….ako syempre!

Who is smarter? … he has his own way of being smart as well, but of course, ako pa rin…hehehe, yabang!

Whose temper is worse? admittedly, i am…

Who does the laundry? sometimes him…but its me most of the time.

Who does the dishes? I do coz he cooks…

Who sleeps on the right side of the bed? i prefer to be at the right side.

Who pays the bills? He does sometimes

Who cooks dinner? he is a great cook

Who drives when you are together? he does coz i don’t drive

Who is more stubborn? i am…eversince…

Who kissed who first? i think he did…

Who is the first to admit when they are wrong? Him, i can be as bad as i can be…and will even fight til the end…

Whose parents do you see the most? mine...when we were still in manila

Who proposed? He did… but not so grand and so official as the others…

Who is more sensitive? i am…

Who has more friends? he got more friends…who in turn became to be my set of friends.

Who has more siblings? He does, with 3

Who wears the pants in the family? we normally end up with mutual decisions…para walang sisihan in the end…

shop til you drop

shopaholic weekend…here we come… of course, its been so long since we shopped… its i and hubby’s therapy….to enjoy our weekend. went to suntec and had lunch…then bought his 2 pairs of levis jeans…i had 1 too… then he bought his casual black shoes again…mahilig din siya sa shoes eh….almost every payday, he buys one too. i bought a new reebok shoes as well…

sarap mag shopping!

foggy weekend

had this picture taken at genting malaysia, infront of first world hotel.

loved the fog ….cold breeze and gust of wind in my cheeks…and i with hubby warming ourselves with a tight hug..

judgment day…

today marked our appraisal for the year end performance.

initially, i was really so nervous about it since it will be my first appraisal in singapore.  i had mine last year also with my french boss from philippines but since i was so familiar with the work, there was nothing to worry about.

the day was not so busy, until the time that my supervisor and manager already called me for the appraisal. i got last minute booking so i was not able to meet them as per the timing they requested. i had to get my things done so i have nothing to worry about.

so far the appraisal was a straight-forward talk, highlighting and explaining how i was in the past 6months that i joined the company. i was so glad to hear straight from them how they are contented that i can work independently and tackle whatever responsibility they give to me.  was also surprised to hear that “this time”, my potential was discovered.

actually i’m not too proud of what i have been, but these are the comments i have been wanting to hear eversince i joined this industry.  previously these efforts were not noticed….and i’m glad this time, my manager/supervisors are transparent to say that i did well.

though i have some points to improve on….they say, i should have more confidence and be tougher in  handling issues. i admitted to them, since i am just new in the company, i am afraid to come out from my shell.  but they encouraged me that i can show more since they see potential in me.

i don’t  want to brag about the outcome but i went out of the room bringing with me a pride that this is the organization i have long waited for…a company who really can see and knows how to motivate employees to bring out the best in them.

i’m glad to have made the right move to be here….this is my place and i will do more this 2008….they got career plans for me…which i will know once i will be able to take the new challenges that they are giving me…

Thanks God for all this praises and acknowledgments, I want to share this post to my Creator who is the source of my strength and especially to my parents who have molded me to have such positive attitude, of course, I still owe thanks to my previous management from Philippines who have been my training ground and for what I am now….

and lastly to my hubby who is also my inspiration to keep me going!

local or not?

at vivo city

do i resemble now as a singaporean?  coz a lot of people from the hawker or mall, had been communicating with me in their own language….

thanks God!

it’s been a very busy day, thus good things happen just in time.

hubby got his EPEC id and another good thing….he got job!  and i’m glad he finally did!

Truly, God listened to our prayers, he is joining a multinational company too….we are just blessed and wanted to thank God for his goodness.

he will be signing his contract tomorrow and will just wait for his employment pass to be issued.   if in case,  my birthday, 6th of august will be his first day at work.

he will also be working in changi area so we need to find a place within that area….perhaps near tanah mera where our transport pass by….