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thanks God it’s Friday!

There are a lot of things I should be thankful of….syempre Almighty talaga sya di ba, kasi before you ask, he will grant you already.

I am thankful …

1. for always keeping us safe from harm and for being our great Healer…just recently my Aderhaf had episodes of giddiness but with the medication he felt better…Thanks God for showering us your healing power.

2. for the 60th years of bringing my Mom in this world, she’s our precious mom who was so happy during her big day last 20 Jan.

3. for having a nice working environment and team to work with…with wonderful bosses who appreciated and give credits to all my efforts at work….truly, I have never felt this happiness in my career from Pinas, kasi dito walang favoritism…excuse me po! ( sour graping ba!)

4. for keeping the love and respect that I and Aderhaf have for each other, we seldom have our petty quarrels now…thanks God for keeping the fire of love burning within us.

5. for the financial blessings that we received….right now, i had quite a good moolah received for the performance appraisal and a plus…which drives me even more to strive harder and achieve all my dreams.

6. for having siblings, a brother and a sister who are so lovable, we grew even more closer now that we are all far apart, sis in mauritius, bro in philippines and soon to be in canada and me being in singapore.

7. for having my aunt mayet, maryann, ej, junjun and ize to take care of my mom and also not to forget to mention the balela’s who has been there for my mom during our absence.

i’m looking forward to spend a better weekend and looking forward for the Chinese New Year as well.


missing sis…

my sis just moved to mauritius for her work offer last year of november.

she, being in the IT world, must have worked so hard from our hometown so she deserved to be paid with the efforts that she had been exerting.

i recalled that sometimes she goes back home around past midnight and will still need to catch up the following day for another work…

finally her efforts paid off…she has been pirated by her former company but on an expat basis….pardon me, if i need not to divulge the company name for her own protection.

now, she can save all of her salary and only can consume her allowances because of the simplicity of way of living in mauritius.,

actually there was one time when she asked me to call her…she said “i never feel homesickness… but the feeling of getting bored is killing me, i’m only here for 2 months and i had 22months of counting til my contract is thru!”

truly, she is only thinking how much moolah she can save while having her work away from hometown….i actually envied her since she is good in negotiating salary packages, which i admit, i’m not that much good at it….

she just takes her time cooking her favorite dishes….and enjoying life in the 4 corners of her 3 bedroom flat, occupied by her alone….here’s one of her pics when she went to the beach alone to enjoy her weekend….

weekend work rants

its a nice feeling having off from the 5 or skeletal 6 day work week that i have. work have been so tiring since the workload here is almost triple than that of my manila….

but since i get to enjoy my current job, then i already get used to it.   sabi nga ng singaporeans, i can settle my own hiccups (para sa kanila, mga palpakis ng trabaho)….so far, wala pang minor or major palpak na nangyari since i joined the company.

i am regular employee and somehow getting used to how to adapt to their culture. you need to be tough here, kasi you get to be bullied if you appear as weak person….i actually, experience it and i had my share of crying moments when i was just starting for 3months time…..but then, my gm and unit manager does not tolerate such, whenever i receive yelling from whoever they are — f*** !!!

with my strong personality, napapaiyak nila ako. sh*t!  somehow, tinuruan nila akong maging matapang…and to tell those who bullied me that they are not paying my salary….hahaha! so matapang na nga ako….

teka parang hindi nila deserve to be posted, pero at least i learned to be stronger.

so far my colleagues are all ok, walang problema, ang bully yung mga sinu-support ko from other offices. haay! ganyan talaga if wala ka sa sarili mong bayan.

and now, that i’m tough, no one can beat me….!  kakabugin mo sila!

anyway, its nice to spend weekends at home, doing the general cleaning of our room and house which can only be done weekends plus the laundry….

syempre, busy from work, sometimes i get home the earliest time is 830pm tapos minsan nearly midnight ako sa ofc. imagine that, if may overtime fee di ba?

but anyway, its paying off naman as i get satisfied with the experience i am getting thus will help me in my future plans in the long run….

though i miss pinas…. now that i’m listening to christmas songs…haaaay! buhay overseas….tama ba naman na while writing this post, “i’ll be home for christmas!” ang tugtog…syempre lalo kong na miss mommy ko and brother ko….and my aunt and cousins back home….

greener pasture!

truly, a lot of pinoys have been finding ways to have a better future and leaving pinas for greener pasture (which is a reality)…truly, i’m thankful and blessed enough to have landed a job here in singapore which I really felt God’s blessing outpouring tremendously.

i came across my sister’s blog and after having read “madameng problemado ngayon” entry, i was really touched….it’s about family issues…my cousin trying all her luck to search for a better opportunity to be of help to her family….i can feel how it is that the burden is all over her right now and the probability of her canada application is far beyond what she imagined.

i’m trying all my best to encourage her and asked her to do the on line application of EPEC.  para magkaron ng hope and i know, that her marketability in singapore is okay….i have browsed other newspapers and gave her the companies to apply to na rin…

hope she won’t lose hope and she will be ok….being the breadwinner at her early age is a pressure for her. though i can see that she is more than willing to do it for her family. she will also be sending her younger sister to school now that she is on her first year in high school.

i just hope that for all the jobseekers out there, keep your hopes up, pray even more and keep the faith….God will surely listen….

.:: walking galore ::.

with my toes partially healed, i will be joining the mcritchie walk tomorrow with other pinoy friends.  it will be 11kms walk daw….hoping my toe won’t bleed and maging ok di ba?

then will be meeting with co-w@wie, cata ni flo and will have lunch at their place….

will make some kwento afterwards….

grasping the part of my victory

i was so worried monday morning that i sent sms to the hr manager asking for the feedback of my pass.  phyllis told me her staff, jasmine will update me.

so i decided to let my afternoon pass by cleaning the comfort room to take up my time and not to be so stressed in the agony of my waiting.

hubby’s phone rang and received a call from jasmine.  i was expecting only for the letter that they will endorse to me for the extension of my social visit stay since it will expire this sunday.

then i was surprised that jasmine was already letting me know that i need to go and have my medical exam and have it passed to the MOM so that i can soon have my pass.

i even can’t believe what she just told me that i had to even ask, “is my pass approved already?” then she uttered “yes, with confidence and told me i can only start once my medical exam comes out….”

i will be meeting my future officemate janet so she will be endorsing to me the accredited clinics and all the papers that i need to show to the clinic….hope this is the start of grasping the part of my victory….

i even jumped to my joy, shouting my heart out saying, “Thank you, Lord!”

.:: another victory to celebrate ::.

when i had online chat with mommy, she broke the news about my only brother who just got promoted.  mommy followed up my pass, i was so happy to break the news that it was approved already.

my brother, boyet works in a call center and he had just been promoted as a manager. he deserves everything that he is earning as part of his success for he’s very generous and shares all his blessings to my relatives, mom and siblings…

definitely, another party to celebrate wayback home, sayang wala ako dun….definitely, may weekend escapade sila to celebrate it again… in overflowing food na naman…,

 .:: diet – day 1 ::.

my housemate, arnel will be trying all his best to control my cravings for food.  i too, desires to lose some weight too, reaching my ideal body weight (which would take me 50kgs, tama nga ba?)

at least kahit konting calories mabawasan.

i did not have breakfast this morning, and had chicken for lunch, with half rice….dinner, half rice with tilapia na luto ni hubby….konti pa din….

but guilt arised when nagutom ako ng hapon, i ate oreo cookies and cup of coffee….hehehe! dapat walang in between meals, kainis! bukas. wala dapat nun….hehehe!

1st day strive encounter yun….hahaha!

brother’s bday bash

it’s a good thing, we are on our unpredictable holidays when my one and only brother, boyet celebrated his birthday.

it was a bash, enjoyed din with his officemates around. he had his sumptuous handa for dinner. his never ending menu, yummy spaghetti con carbonara, baked tahong, beef with oyster sauce, cake, lumpiang shanghai and siomai.

sayang nga lang coz not all of his expected guests was able to come.

he went on birthday holiday din kasi.

happy birthday yet!

my brother’s treat

it’s my one and only brother’s birthday today.

he already turned 28 years old, now he’s workin in a call center and im a proud sister of a brother who’s a dollar earner. he works in manila but already a dollar earner.

happy birthday bro!