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1st christmas in sg

year 2007 christmas is somehow happy and sad that we had to celebrate christmas away from home.

happy because we got some friends around to hang out with during this special time of family gathering….pinoy friends who have become our family since we landed in sg.

we celebrated the eve of christmas by attending the last simbang gabi at saint peter and paul parish near city hall. afterwards, we were invited by some friends marco and maan to join them as well but since we had to drop by at cata’s place (co-w@wie) to bring them some christmas gifts, we ended up celebrating christmas with her family and with dan ( our barcada from pinas ) who have also been here for 2 years.

it was a happy christmas celebration since it was really a family reunion for them. i can see how happy each family gathering is, during this season, and i was also hoping i am also with my family back home.

i was also sad as this was the 2nd christmas that dad is not with us, (sensya na feeling senti ako, bakit ba? blog ko naman ito di ba?) syempre lonely then kasi miss ko din mom ko….i was also thinking then of my sis, who is celebrating christmas alone in her 3room flat in mauritius (she just flew this november for work as well)…so my mom is left with my brother and also my aunt and her family….buti na nga lang i had some aunt and her family to be with my mom and bro back home.

then on the 25th of december, since there was nothing to do, we were invited to go to sentosa to spend a different christmas there.

since the time we went to sg, i never joined any friends in going there kasi i said to myself, pag may dumating na lang na bisita from pinas ulit, but it was worth it celebrating christmas there too. we watched the “Songs of the Sea” and roamed around Siloso and Palawan Beach….(enjoy some of the pics!)


house hunting

because the contract of the flat is ending this august, a lot of the locals and other clients of the agent of the flat where we are currently staying started offering the flat….therefore, we will only be staying until end of august at ava.

they doubled the rent at around sgd 3500, therefore, hindi kami praning to stay there….so we need to double time in looking for a place to stay.

originally, i and hubby plan to look for a place somewhere near ang mo kio or near tanah merah where my transport has pick up points.

but our housemates also had plans that we try looking for a flat around 4 bedrooms para magkakasama ulit kami….otherwise, watak watak din kami eventually.

i googled sites for pinoyitdotsg and just to buzz some of the pinoys who might have some rooms to rent.  upto this moment, no rooms are available.

we need to at least find a place, otherwise mahirapan kami later on….good luck na lang on our house hunting. we only wanted to rent a place less than 2000sgd kasi…

the house rentals have increased incredibly right now….so, wish ko lang. we still can look for one….

pictures of our homey

Finally, i have uploaded the pictures of our homey and our appliances.
Acknowledgment stage na ito…hahaha!

this deserves another post.

our bedroom ( with some mess still…aaarrgh! ) – japanese style
painted with pink hues with green lining

the living room and sofa set ( that’s the interior of the house, mint green at the upper portion and pink at the bottom part with a canvass printed divider (wallpaper )

for the sofa, thanks to mama and papa who gave us this set ( no need to buy 1), otherwise we will not have space in the house.

throw pillows courtesy of OUR HOME (sm makati)

4 seater dining table courtesy of Abenson, place mats and seat covers from OUR HOME.
Carribean Thermos courtesy of The Landmark, and candle centerpiece and square plates/stones from KULTURA.

LG 21-inches TV and DVD set courtesy of Abenson.
Floor pillows was on top courest of Our Home.

Entertainment room was painted with green

kitchen cup board in pink

kitchen painted in green hues.

7 cft. Panasonic refrigerator with dispenser & Live size Mirror courtesy of Abenson

at the background is the Sharp washing machine and the rice cooker.

will be posting some more pictures soon.

it’s nice to see a fully made up homey….