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time will tell…

these are among the pictures we wanted during our kl adventure….

therefore i opted to have it as mag cover, go and get yours…try it….


bloggy awards…

kaye tagged me and gave me this award…thanks friend!

tagging my cwl know who you are….

gadgety wee!

we have always wanted to buy the psp. thanks to sony who have this handheld console game and will keep you entertained during idle moments and stress reliever at work…

i and hubby decided to buy psp finally…we even argued on the color.  i was wanting deep red but it run out of stock already since accdg to the shop, it was grabbed by all singaporeans during the chinese new year and gave it as a gift because of its color.

he was wanting black, but i really pushed for the ceramic white which i find so cute.

kl fever…

still felt the kl fever so i am still posting as my entry to weekend snapshots some post vday celebration from our kl getaway.

these are one among the bridge shots that i wanted most…

foggy weekend

had this picture taken at genting malaysia, infront of first world hotel.

loved the fog ….cold breeze and gust of wind in my cheeks…and i with hubby warming ourselves with a tight hug..

off from work on v-day

i am glad that i’m off from work today….it’s red letter day and i will be strolling along the city for shopping. they have granted me a day off to consume my off in lieu. normally we are only supposed to have 1 saturday work in a month, since we are from operations, we need to have it on alternate saturdays. therefore they allowed me to avail it.

this day, management also is crediting the appraisal bonus on our accounts,…meaning more moolah! yipee! actually, i am really so happy about it because all my efforts from work paid off because of this bonus…haay! saraaap!

hubby is at work…so still thinking what good surprise can i possibly do tonight! we’re having dinner later anyway, not just that sure what time he will be sent off from work.

happy red letter day everyone!

Hubby is deciding to have post Valentine celebration and it will be in KL. Tomorrow night after work, we will be off to Malaysia.
Since we hopped to Sg, we haven’t had time to go to KL, now might be the best day as we are celebrating post v-day as well.
Around 4pm after doing the laundry, I went to Lavender to go to Trans Star and book our tickets. Our trip will be at 10pm and we will be fetched by hubby’s friend.
Quite excited about it…actually I also bought myself a V-day gift, my own camera…which i named as cammy!
Features are as follows :
  • Pink Color
  • 6 Megapixel Super CCD HR
  • Real Photo Processor II
  • ISO 1600 at full resolution
  • 26MB Internal memory
  • Intelligent Flash, Natural Light & Flash, Continuous shooting
  • New slim design with tripod mount
  • Illuminated product logo on sliding front cover
  • 2.5” TFT LCD with reinforced glass coating
  • Blog mode
Freebies that goes with it : 2GB memory, card reader, tripod, camera case and lens protector

…love is in the air~

…i know every person wanted to love and be loved. this can be witnessed especially during this occasion wherein love is really in the air wherever you go….

now that we both live apart from our families, we feel closer realizing each others worth and strengthening the bond of our love…though sometimes, there are petty arguments, which is part in nurturing our relationship. we now feel more closer and have been matured enough to accept each others flaws.

truly, my world wouldn’t be complete without him around me, my confidante, bestfriend and husband who takes good care of me…happy valentine’s day!