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unveiled brides…after 2 years

this is the friendship we have built from our e-group in weddings at work….the bond of friendship remained even distance have separated all of us….

during our big day

and this is us, after two years…with added members…

how time flies…

jacque and simon – got simone

concon and nel – got joaquin

tin and archie – got andy

mec and jojo – got yakee

mai and paul – got baby a soon!

in progress…

yna and xean

wella and nikky

chris and wendell

charie and mac

karla and alex

miss you guys! 0ur friendship knows no boundaries…. thanks to wella dear for the lay-outs!


the unveiled brides

I got friends from w@w and i’m proud we still kept the friendship alive. Of course, since Mec loved digiscrapping, she decided to do this LO for us.