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back to blogging…

it has been a year since i last updated my blog,… maybe i got too pre occupied with work

there’s something to be happy about today…

finally levelled up in my career, thanks God for the blessings
received a paycheque with a good performance bonus

announcement has been up…. i’m one among the blessed ones who has been promoted from the company, there were quite a few, i have skipped 1 level and levelled up.

i received a lot of PODs ( our internal company chat ) congratulating me for the new post.
truly God has blessed me this year.

though at first, it was a tough decision to take with so many meetings prior to accepting the offer ( naging choosy pa, di ba? )
finally , this is it… all 3.5 yrs of hardwork paid off.

it is a bit of challenge but hope i can cope with it, and go to the next level again in 6mos…

i think, this is truly my year, year of the rabbit…


pounds extra …. no more

im proud to say in 2 weeks time, i have lost 5kgs.

my doctor said that it has been a good development for me, for my high cholesterol to be lowered and for better health

thanks and hope to shed off pounds some more.

shed off ….

i know that i have always wanted to look more pleasing as before, when i used to be not in this stage wherein i somehow feel guilty that i never had to watch my diet.

at this stage, i’m having high cholesterol level which requires me to at least shed off some lbs, and watch what i eat.

i know i should do it because i want to live longer, but because i need to.

its somehow, a dual purpose, coz i also have been wanting to loose a lot of everything in excess of my body.

i started this diet – general motors diet but its with some modifications since i dont want it to be abrupt.

in 4 days, i lost 1.5kgs and for me its already such a big achievement.

good luck to me as i continue on this diet….this somehow put a smile on my face.

i’m hooked into my new hobby…

guess what, i’m currently hooked at?

cooking, which before was my most hated thing to do…

i will be celebrating my bday this wednesday, and i’m planning to go on leave just because i would want to be hooked with my new hobby…to cook what i need to serve my friends on wednesday night.

i rushed to the grocery with my cousin to buy the stuff i need, though even if i listed down what i need, of course, i missed out still some of things that i need to buy.

my recipe on wednesday are :

1. pancit bihon – this one will be cooked by hubby once he arrive from work ( seafood pansit is what i wanted)

2. pork lumpia or siomai – still contemplating which one i wanted to cook, though recipe is just the same

3. chicken seaweed in lemon sauce – this one it might be me or hubby who will prepare…

4.  rosetto potato with apple and bacon

5.  chicken macaroni salad

6.  maja blanca with corn – which i just finished doing today (super excited)

7.  honey glazed oreo cake

just hope it would be enough for my guests…hehehe!

i will be happy to have my nth bday!

taggable friendship chains

I have randomly selected other bloggers below to be tagged and I hope that you will similarly publish this post in your blog. You will have to add your link in the end of the list and tag other bloggers and just keep adding on to the list. (Do not replace, just keep on adding Tag others . This is the easy way and the fastest way to:

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So I’m tagging my CWL Friends..whoever come across this post…

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somethin for mommy…

when i called mommy last weekend, she told me how her handphone is giving her problems recently…so syempre, as a good daughter, nakunsensya naman ako that’s why i opted to buy her a phone…. ala na rin kasi si dad so i want to give the best for mom syempre….


hindi naman me ganon ka rich so i chose one, which isn’t so pricey…kasi hindi naman masyadong techy preferred ni mommy except for flip top phone she’s braggin about ever since….nag retire na ang kanyang motorola L5 which we bought for her 2 years back…

so i bought her the samsung C260 because i loved its color…syempre flip top as requested…

the long and winding road…

I just loved this view…while on our way back from attending mass….a sight of singapore after 7:30pm….still having clear skies…

with the matching lanterns…