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i’m going home to the place where i belong

my hubby is planning to come home for the graduation of his one and only brother, Alen from University.

he planned to tag me along, since there was work responsibilities given to me, i was quite afraid whether my leave will be approved.

he still booked me on the same flight as his, without having my leave approval.

he booked on march 1…and my leave was approved on march 7.

since it was a different manager who will be approving my leave, i was full of hopeful prayers that it gets approved, and it was indeed approved.

thanks to my ex-boss and new boss and my colleagues who will be doing my work in my absence.

and yes, i’m so excited to go back home


do i see the light?

light in my world? will i see it soon?

i’m happy and excited as i tackle new challenge in my career…..over with the toughest challenge one can ever imagine …

now hope i can be competent enough as i face another horizon….

struggling at work

since february, when my colleague resigned, i’ve been having overloaded working days.

all my days are considered, STRESSFUL, i will shout, yell over the phone, and sorry to say, oftentimes, utter $#%&*^(@ and bang the phone after talking to customers or co workers.

this might be one among the phases of my life wherein i felt really stressed.

i hate to admit it but my stress really shows  when you see me…

how i hope this day will end….til when….will they pity me.

S$100 Casino Levy at Resorts World Sentosa

Casino had its launch last Chinese New Year here in Singapore.

Singaporeans and PRs ( Permanent Residents) were imposed SGD 100 levy before they can enjoy the casino.

It has its pros and cons, government might be imposing this levy in order to discourage people from gambling, however, this will also help them to boost economy as well. For an average person, everyone can just go and out of curiosity, spend this 100 bucks just for the heck of having a feel of being a gambler even for just a day.

Other people thinks that it will however reduce the frequency of visiting the casino. You also need money to travel, isn’t it the same going overseas as what most Singaporeans do during their free time.

On my own point of view, now that the govt thought of these necessary measures to keep singaporeans flocking into casino, a lot of people still dont buy this idea

I think it boils down to one thing, more revenues for Singapore.

group vday date 2010 at the east coast

it has been 2 years in a row that we are having a group date at East Coast during V-day.

since most of our friends have family and kids here in Singapore, we always think, family day have always been a great way to celebrate it.

we had pot luck – mostly for bbq, pasta, shrimps and booze.

we enjoyed the bbq, the sand, and most of all the pictionary game with the kids.

words mostly remembered during pictionary :

luis’ –> kill and STOLE the wallet ( this is actually what he said)

fonzy’s –> wedding ring (with the hand demo)

Familia in Singapore – nov 2009

my sister spent her 2 weeks stop –  over in singapore after finishing her contract in mauritius.

she opted to send our entire family back home to spend pre xmas altogether with me here in singapore since we wont be home for christmas

it was a great experience being with the entire family, my mom, brother, sister, aunt, cousins ej and yann

i went straight two weeks off from work and had a great family bonding

wish it never ended, i miss all of them so much!  too sad to remember, dad could have been with us during this time, pero we know happy siya from heaven seeing us having a great time in SG.

updatees on me…

is this me?

it has been a long time since i post an entry to my very own blog and i missed it….

soon, i will be having my time no matter how busy as a bee i am now…

2 days in a row that i come home closing the doors of our office….grabe, back to the old times all over again…

i hope i can relax soon….

a lot of things happened

  • done with our abode hunt
  • almost done fixing things in our new room
  • made uzis on the f1 race in singapore
  • went on an inter island cruise
  • about to celebrate our 3rd wedding anniversary