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another angel – inaanak [9.17.06 – 4.54pm]
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My college barkada guen has her daughter’s christening in Malate Church with a reception at Superbowl, UN Avenue.

It was such an honor again to be a godmother to another cutie angel, ERIN GWYNETH…

Erin Gwyneth – Pouring of the holy water with Mommy Guen

With moi !

Reunion with college friends at Super Bowl, UN. 

She was so cute….she was even premature and was delivered on caesarian section but when you get to see her…she looked like 1 year old because she is chubby and huggable….she looked big for her 5months age…

It was a college friends get together, we hitched with Cynthia together with Yeng.

We also saw Hazel, Macky, Anthony and Yolly.

Twas fun reminiscing our classmates and realized how others have gone places…those who we were not expecting to succeed are already in the US…truly time flies and its just a matter of luck and perseverance and their determination that sent them all there which they really deserve….I actually admire such courageous acts of earning greener pasture for your family and being a nurse….


hubby bday bash

it was the first birthday of my husband now that we’re married.

i decided to be off from work since his big day is a weekday.

he planned for a lunch salo salo with his folks….which they planned.

i arranged the plan of also having a dinner pig out at my mom’s place.

so his birthday was a double celebration. he wasn’t expecting that i will dare to be on leave coz he knew how busy i was.

he was so happy about the salo salo that our 2 families has prepared….

i had fruit salad and roasted chicken for him.

his family had pansit (1 bilao), bangus na inihaw, roasted chicken….since it was just a mere lunch for me and him and his papa and mama.

at my mom’s place during that night, we pigged out for kaldereta, big fried chicken, tilapia and cake which mommy gave him.

you can see how he felt loved and how he was treated special by my family too….

here are the pics to enjoy. 

The Work of Art of my Hubby