summer family getaway as my homecoming

there are a lot of things to be thankful for….
1. career level up
2. graduation of bro-in-law
3. successful/fulfilled sister and brother
4. healthy and happy family
5. our homecoming

i and hubby planned initially to have cebu-bohol trip…

after doing some math, i realized, it was more worthy to go to boracay instead

i have asked my sister to check on current promo airfare rates, gotcha, we got zest-air, and we are all flying. 13 of us!

its including my family, hubby’s family, my cousins and aunt

so many sleepless nights looking for accommodation

with the current technology, even from faraway land, you can plan your trip with just a click.

thanks to the reliable agencies

1. Agoda for our couple’s hotel — 1 night honeymoon
2. My Boracay Guide for the patience of looking for our family villas which can fit our needs
3. Zest Air for the Boracay promo
4. Jetstar to fly us home from Singapore

Thank you Lord for all these blessings!


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