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silent mode pero babawi

have a lot of things to blog but such little time…so bulleted na lang muna entries para at least may update

  • my telephone plan will end so soon come august 9, so i can have my new unit, nagsawa na ako with my ericsson eh
  • my bday fast approaching na rin, another year but happy to be blessed and starting to fulfill my dreams, at least now, i can say, i made a career move, na nandito na ako sa sg and hindi nagpapakaburo sa pinas
  • my mom is so active in church, though i miss her. i’m so blessed to have aunts and cousins who are all there to be with my mom since dad already passed away
  • my cousin finally got the job here in sg, and guess what we’re officemates, her pass approved. she was hired after a week, swerte nya ako back up nya…hehehe! she owed me a lot now….hahaha! manumbat ba daw
  • having a new back up career plan…hopefully maging ok hindi ko muna ibubulgar para hindi maunsyame
  • i am working my heart out since my manager’s bro passed away, too sad to hear about the news…but i’m blessed and happy that i’m surviving the one man pressure, though supported at times by my supervisor
  • thanks God its friday….i will have a good weekend…no work
  • cousin, i and hubby with all our friends watched the last full show of batman last sunday
  • christian dior has a employees sale and we can avail it….yes, mini shopping galore…hehehe

some info more in my next entry….


3 weeks in a row…

its been 3 consecutive weeks that i’m working on a saturday.

originally, its 2 saturdays in a month lang….

ang blogging bang ito is to complain…eh hindi naman, parang gusto ko lang i express kung what’s behind the reporting weeks.

lately, my manager was on leave for several days in 2 weeks to do baby sitting….so syempre, ako ang dakilang gagawa ng trabaho naming dalawa…and somehow i survived…

siguro napi feel nya i can tackle the job without mess at all…(yabang ba, confident ba masyado?) eh yun ang totoo eh.

i think, eto na ang training ground nila for me…to be able to do the things by my own so that later on, maging ok…ang tanong?  may kahihinatnan kaya ang pagod ko…

though somehow, i am really enjoying my work, ganun talaga, i need to prove to them that i am capable for any career advancement….

sana nga lang yung naipangako sa akin last appraisal last feb, mangyari na…they will start training me and to mold me for a better career challenge…

when kaya yun? excited na rin kasi ako eh…sana lang…God willing!