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first paycheck

i finally had my first paycheck today.

payslip was given on the 25th of each month so i was able to get finally my hardearned money, without taxes.  ang sarap ng feeling di ba?

usually, they give salary once a month only unlike sa pinas na every 15th and 30th of each month.  so budgeting should be done properly.

 since i owe some money to my cousin for my bills back home, i had to send half of my salary, which should be ok. i felt happy too that i sent money to mommy for them to celebrate my birthday.

mommy was so happy….

it feels good to have your salary without any taxes…..this is what is good here in singapore…’re paid in full.


auspicious offer

during my first week, our gm in operations had already informed me of their offer to give me a handphone since i really need it for my internal and external team to support.

just this week, our gm wanted me to check out from singtel and starhub or any other service provider what to purchase for me.

usually, they reimburse sgd80/month so it should be ok, the phone will be under my name but they’ll be paying with capped amount.

was so happy, at least, i will be able to save, though i’m not that costly when it comes to phone bills. i can have the sgd28 – hot 100 in a month, which is a big saving.

since they are offering a good deal, then why not grab it right?

the requirements usually is to provide the pass and the certification from the company that they will be extending my pass for 2years, so our gm coordinated with hr and my dept manager…which is good as done deal, since approval will be coming from her….feeling ko minsan hiya ako, kasi parang favored nga ako ng gm.  pero hindi siguro lang she wanted to make me feel that i have chosen the right department to join.

i just hope after my confirmation of work in 3months, they will be giving me another good offer….

workaholic week

since the 2nd week of my work in singapore, i had the most precious time doing all my tasks at work.

my housemates often regarded me as someone who does not have life anymore….they often say “alam mo yung salitang life, meron ka pa ba nun?”

i usually try to catch our last company transport at 8pm but due to the workload, i stil can’t so i will still stay longer until past 9 or even til 10pm in order to have a good day the following day.

i hate leaving behind some tasks, otherwise, pile of work the following day will be crazy. i never regret the workload, but sometimes, i just hate how inconsiderate are my internal clients…..meaning yung group na supported ko…. they always wanted to do impossible things possible….ay ewan, minsan i’m getting into my nerves, pero sinasagot ko sila in a nice way.

super demanding kasi ng job due to urgency of the shipments….into oil and gas kasi,….so super on time dapat ang shipments.

this past few week, 1 time ko lang na catch ang 7pm transport…..kasi i had to stay longer than 9pm…anyways, there is a cabcharge naman provided by company who will bring us door to door….so ok lang din.

plus we can claim meal of sgd4/meal when we work beyond 9pm. compensated naman kasi kaya ganon and i enjoyed my work so much though everything in operations seemed so new to me….

picture 1…2…3

here are the photos taken in the happenings that we had with our pinoy friends…some are our original friends back home, some are extended friends here…. 

last full show in cathay dhoby ghaut

…our wacky shot at yew tee….

last full show in cathay dhoby ghaut

…jojo’s bday party at balestier function room…

last full show in cathay dhoby ghaut

…the gurls…

last full show in cathay dhoby ghaut

…inuman blues…

last full show in cathay dhoby ghaut

pa cutees

last full show in cathay dhoby ghaut

…sway to the left….

last full show in cathay dhoby ghaut

…with the hunks…nifty moves of the dance group….

last full show in cathay dhoby ghaut

…last full show at cathay…

house hunting

because the contract of the flat is ending this august, a lot of the locals and other clients of the agent of the flat where we are currently staying started offering the flat….therefore, we will only be staying until end of august at ava.

they doubled the rent at around sgd 3500, therefore, hindi kami praning to stay there….so we need to double time in looking for a place to stay.

originally, i and hubby plan to look for a place somewhere near ang mo kio or near tanah merah where my transport has pick up points.

but our housemates also had plans that we try looking for a flat around 4 bedrooms para magkakasama ulit kami….otherwise, watak watak din kami eventually.

i googled sites for pinoyitdotsg and just to buzz some of the pinoys who might have some rooms to rent.  upto this moment, no rooms are available.

we need to at least find a place, otherwise mahirapan kami later on….good luck na lang on our house hunting. we only wanted to rent a place less than 2000sgd kasi…

the house rentals have increased incredibly right now….so, wish ko lang. we still can look for one….

weekend birthday

our housemate, kuya jojo celebrated his birthday last july 18, though he only planned to have his bbq party just today.

there were plenty of guests from his wayback friends and classmates….and also our filipino friends too…we had some smirnoff drink and sumptuous kare kare, italian spag and bbq chicken, liempo, tilapia and the yummy prawns steamed!

the entire nite was spent playing the never ending pictionary, wherein our team won again!  after that, once it’s the curfew time, we had to continue our partying in our flat where we will have to dance all nite having our own choreography of the fave sexyback and there was another fave tune last night which is “i saw the sign!”….

will post some pictures soon…

relationship check

Guess, this entry is fit for all couples out there….it’s nice to share this relationship check …..find out how good you are together with your loved one…. 

  • Treat your spouse or partner as you would your best friend or best client. It is unfortunate that at times we treat our closest and dearest relationships in rude or even cruel ways.
  • Think of ways you can do the unexpected and thoughtful. Remember how you acted when you were first dating and wanted to impress your loved one. Plan and carry out something spontaneous on occasion.
  • Look for ways to compliment your spouse or partner. We all enjoy genuine compliments to brighten our day. Look for those qualities that first attracted you to your loved one.
  • Express your thoughts and feelings carefully. While it is  important to be emotionally open and intimate with our significant other, being in a relationship doesn’t give anyone permission to “let it all hang out” in a hurtful manner.
  • Learn to let go of the small stuff in disagreements. While serious conflict needs to be addressed, many couples argue over issues of little consequence. It can be helpful to ask yourself when you’re annoyed with your loved one, “will this matter next week?”
  • Spend regular time together alone. It is difficult to remain emotionally close without making an effort to spend quality time together. A danger in long-term relationships is feeling as if you’re living “parallel lives” under the same roof. Relationships don’t run on “automatic pilot”. They take effort and work.
  • Acknowledge each others comings and goings. Hug when you say hello and goodbye. Regular physical touch conveys caring and is an expression of love. Tell each other “I love you” every day. When you say the words, look each other in the eyes. All too frequently, we throw our “love ‘ya” out as we’re headed out the door.
  • It is  important to slow down and spend some time focusing on each other at the end of the day. One couple I know have what they refer to as their “wind down” time each evening. They spend 20-30 minutes each evening checking in with each other and discussing the events of their day.
  • Research has found that couples whose marriages or relationships last the longest have learned to separate from their families of origin (their own parents and siblings) and have appropriate, healthy boundaries. This means that they have appropriate contact with their families, without permitting their families to interfere with their lifestyle and decision-making.