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do i see the light?

light in my world? will i see it soon?

i’m happy and excited as i tackle new challenge in my career…..over with the toughest challenge one can ever imagine …

now hope i can be competent enough as i face another horizon….


Familia in Singapore – nov 2009

my sister spent her 2 weeks stop –  over in singapore after finishing her contract in mauritius.

she opted to send our entire family back home to spend pre xmas altogether with me here in singapore since we wont be home for christmas

it was a great experience being with the entire family, my mom, brother, sister, aunt, cousins ej and yann

i went straight two weeks off from work and had a great family bonding

wish it never ended, i miss all of them so much!  too sad to remember, dad could have been with us during this time, pero we know happy siya from heaven seeing us having a great time in SG.


i just loved watches

i’ve started my collection since december

  • fossil metal watch
  • polo leather watch
  • kenneth cole metal watch
  • g shock sports watch
  • esprit chrono watch
  • calvin klein guy watch
  • calvin klein sporty watch

what  i had and before i went here

  • fossil watch
  • timex watch
  • ripcurl watch

i’m back…

it’s so great to be back!

i have missed blogging.

got so many updates in my life and will do it in bullets

  • went back home in pinas last december for a 2 week vacation – enjoyed reunion for a week in ilocos and went to pagudpod and another week in manila
  • now one among the senior cs in our team
  • glad to spend sometime with my sis, when she had stopped over in sg from mauritius
  • happy to have received appraisal bonus in tough times like this
  • was able to buy gift for myself – a gucci and burberry sunnies , kenneth cole and baby g watches
  • hubby gave me a new vaio notebook

have been so busy with work lately…but i will make sure i will be spending time to update my blog

auspicious 08.08.08

accdg to chinese this number is a good sign ….

auspicious as it can be, but somehow it seemed to be a good day as well

i had quite a nice day today… and i believe that only a few wedding supplier is not busy today.

i believe they are all fully booked…

just a thought, i wish i could have somethin to wish for on this day…

30-three thankful years..

yup you have read it correctly. today marked my 33rd bday…

there are lot of things that I should be thankful of…
~ for having God in my life
~ for being me and what i have reached thru all this years
~ for having fulfilled my dream of pursuing my future plans in another country, now that i’m already in singapore
~ for having a very loving family back home, though distance separates us
~ for having a patient and supportive hubby
~ for having good friends through all this years
~ for having supportive colleagues and bosses and good working environment at work
~ for waking up in the morning and seeing the sun shine
~ for having a good bed to sleep at
~ for having a comfortable way of life
~ for having the wisdom and good mind
~ for having all the things i ever hoped for, which is just nice
~ for having the patience that i need whenever needed
~ for being to be of help to others who might be in need
~ for the upbringing to be caring for others
~ for seeing the sun set everytime i can get a glimpse of it
~ for having to see the moon at night with the stars
~ for having an angel who guides and protects me from harm
~ for everything that i am aspiring for, slowly setting into place
~ for all that i am and i hope to be….thanks all to Thee!

on the other note, i am busy preparing for my on line invites to friends.
i have finished some of my recipes for tomorrow…and i am happy because i will be on leave…

just a hope that i am with mom and my siblings, but i know their thoughts are with me, my mom was the first one who greeted me and my aunt mayet…

silent mode pero babawi

have a lot of things to blog but such little time…so bulleted na lang muna entries para at least may update

  • my telephone plan will end so soon come august 9, so i can have my new unit, nagsawa na ako with my ericsson eh
  • my bday fast approaching na rin, another year but happy to be blessed and starting to fulfill my dreams, at least now, i can say, i made a career move, na nandito na ako sa sg and hindi nagpapakaburo sa pinas
  • my mom is so active in church, though i miss her. i’m so blessed to have aunts and cousins who are all there to be with my mom since dad already passed away
  • my cousin finally got the job here in sg, and guess what we’re officemates, her pass approved. she was hired after a week, swerte nya ako back up nya…hehehe! she owed me a lot now….hahaha! manumbat ba daw
  • having a new back up career plan…hopefully maging ok hindi ko muna ibubulgar para hindi maunsyame
  • i am working my heart out since my manager’s bro passed away, too sad to hear about the news…but i’m blessed and happy that i’m surviving the one man pressure, though supported at times by my supervisor
  • thanks God its friday….i will have a good weekend…no work
  • cousin, i and hubby with all our friends watched the last full show of batman last sunday
  • christian dior has a employees sale and we can avail it….yes, mini shopping galore…hehehe

some info more in my next entry….