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i’m going home to the place where i belong

my hubby is planning to come home for the graduation of his one and only brother, Alen from University.

he planned to tag me along, since there was work responsibilities given to me, i was quite afraid whether my leave will be approved.

he still booked me on the same flight as his, without having my leave approval.

he booked on march 1…and my leave was approved on march 7.

since it was a different manager who will be approving my leave, i was full of hopeful prayers that it gets approved, and it was indeed approved.

thanks to my ex-boss and new boss and my colleagues who will be doing my work in my absence.

and yes, i’m so excited to go back home


back to blogging…

it has been a year since i last updated my blog,… maybe i got too pre occupied with work

there’s something to be happy about today…

finally levelled up in my career, thanks God for the blessings
received a paycheque with a good performance bonus

announcement has been up…. i’m one among the blessed ones who has been promoted from the company, there were quite a few, i have skipped 1 level and levelled up.

i received a lot of PODs ( our internal company chat ) congratulating me for the new post.
truly God has blessed me this year.

though at first, it was a tough decision to take with so many meetings prior to accepting the offer ( naging choosy pa, di ba? )
finally , this is it… all 3.5 yrs of hardwork paid off.

it is a bit of challenge but hope i can cope with it, and go to the next level again in 6mos…

i think, this is truly my year, year of the rabbit…

pounds extra …. no more

im proud to say in 2 weeks time, i have lost 5kgs.

my doctor said that it has been a good development for me, for my high cholesterol to be lowered and for better health

thanks and hope to shed off pounds some more.

looking forward…

i and hubby had  a goal to achieve before end of 2010….

i just hope God will show me the signs whether to proceed or not to, by using my own means.

i have expressed and already mentioned my plans to management, but as i see it, i don’t think it will happen, or am i just to eager to move forward.

i and hubby want a stress free country to settle, 4 years had been a long wait of not having to conceive…as per my OB, i know i need to settle somewhere else than Singapore.

i am praying indeed if God grants me the sign.

Step 1 to be started and targetted by March.

God bless our plans….

i’m back…

it’s so great to be back!

i have missed blogging.

got so many updates in my life and will do it in bullets

  • went back home in pinas last december for a 2 week vacation – enjoyed reunion for a week in ilocos and went to pagudpod and another week in manila
  • now one among the senior cs in our team
  • glad to spend sometime with my sis, when she had stopped over in sg from mauritius
  • happy to have received appraisal bonus in tough times like this
  • was able to buy gift for myself – a gucci and burberry sunnies , kenneth cole and baby g watches
  • hubby gave me a new vaio notebook

have been so busy with work lately…but i will make sure i will be spending time to update my blog

absentee blogger and thought for career change…

just not in the mood recently to do blogging.

called in sick today because of my terrible swollen gums….which has ruined my appetite (which i think is helpful, i won’t have my normal cravings and will lose some weight….ehehehe!)…add a little of pounding headache too….which helps me feel body malaise…(weakness in general term)

recently, i am contemplating on what lies ahead of my career as of now.

i am having thoughts recently of going back to my career (for those who does not know yet, im a certified and registered nurse by profession but did not practice at all)….i am planning to apply as part timer in the hospital opposite my block….but i know it would be a long process for i need to be at least registered with singapore board of nursing….

hoping this will be the start of hoppin into the world where i am supposed to be in….

off from work on v-day

i am glad that i’m off from work today….it’s red letter day and i will be strolling along the city for shopping. they have granted me a day off to consume my off in lieu. normally we are only supposed to have 1 saturday work in a month, since we are from operations, we need to have it on alternate saturdays. therefore they allowed me to avail it.

this day, management also is crediting the appraisal bonus on our accounts,…meaning more moolah! yipee! actually, i am really so happy about it because all my efforts from work paid off because of this bonus…haay! saraaap!

hubby is at work…so still thinking what good surprise can i possibly do tonight! we’re having dinner later anyway, not just that sure what time he will be sent off from work.

happy red letter day everyone!

Hubby is deciding to have post Valentine celebration and it will be in KL. Tomorrow night after work, we will be off to Malaysia.
Since we hopped to Sg, we haven’t had time to go to KL, now might be the best day as we are celebrating post v-day as well.
Around 4pm after doing the laundry, I went to Lavender to go to Trans Star and book our tickets. Our trip will be at 10pm and we will be fetched by hubby’s friend.
Quite excited about it…actually I also bought myself a V-day gift, my own camera…which i named as cammy!
Features are as follows :
  • Pink Color
  • 6 Megapixel Super CCD HR
  • Real Photo Processor II
  • ISO 1600 at full resolution
  • 26MB Internal memory
  • Intelligent Flash, Natural Light & Flash, Continuous shooting
  • New slim design with tripod mount
  • Illuminated product logo on sliding front cover
  • 2.5” TFT LCD with reinforced glass coating
  • Blog mode
Freebies that goes with it : 2GB memory, card reader, tripod, camera case and lens protector