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singapore celebrates vesak day!

Vesak Day is the festival celebrated with great ceremonial ritual by Buddhists. it commemorates the birth and enlightenment of Buddha and his entry into Nirvana.

this is the first holiday in singapore that i have encountered.  since the boys will be in the house the entire day, and since it falls on thursday which is their usual basketball day schedule, hubby together with our male housemates went to chinatown.  while i and angela, went to the gym and went swimming.

it was a refreshing feeling after having a dip at the condo’s swimming pool having the sight of high rise buildings and condos within balestier vicinity.


final briefing with md

had final interface with the Managing Director of the company I will soon be joining.

 he enlightened me with the position that they have offered as Customer Service Executive-Operations Dept (General Accounts Desk), since i’m really confused on the dept to join.

hopefully, everything will be darn fine in a few days.  social visit pass will be expiring June 17.  outcome of my pass will be next week, perhaps on a friday or monday. afterwards, medical exam then after the result, i can commence work….fight!

i was initially offered the position in sales but due to encounters with Mandarin speaking accounts which will  be hard for me, i will be joining operations wherein coordination of shipments will be the only means of communicating with local clients.

he told me about the challenge i am about to take and how he is proud to have pinoy in his country to finally contribute.  he even praised how i performed well in manila and he expects more than 200% of that effort.

hope everything will be fine.  he said, ” prove to others that pinoy can do it….”

aja! hope this is it!

encounter with gm – operations

i met with the gm of operations today since she was on M.C. (sick leave) last thursday.

i was informed last week when i had encounter with belina and ivan that they find me ok to join operations.

belina and ivan have just been worried about the volume of work that i will be handling in hi-tech department.  the volume of workload is really overwhelming.

the interview went well and she had discussed with me the organizational structure of our department and process flow as well.

i was even pleased to hear how winnie trusted the pinoy’s attitude towards work. she used to manage hazel ( the flipina who have worked with her ) and now has a very good position in Kuehne & Nagel.

she told me that she needs to finalize and do the decision for ivan and belina.  the 2 guys were great, they said that they favored me but only worried of the workload.

she insisted still that i will be able to do it due to my persistency and determination to conquer a foreign land and join the group.

so, she won…

though, i decided already last thursday that i will join the sales team, it left me, shifting to joining operations.

the gm of each dept seemed to be a salesman to me trying to sell their own departments.

it left me quite confused, until  the time i went home….i hope i did the right decision….

i am after the work efficiency …will i be able to do and adjust with operations?  i find its a challenging work, since it will be a totally different environment for me….but then, i know if i put my heart into it, i will be able to make the best out of it…

they have filed my pass at MOM last May 25, so result might be june 8 or 10.  social visit pass will expire on june back up plans should be on the go now….

 hope God will hear our prayers….

filipino mass in gapor

i and hubby got so glad to have attended a filipino mass in singapore for the first time.

last sunday, we were invited by our friend and housemate to go to novena church.

almost all the parishioners are mostly filipinos, no wonder, singapore is now monopolized with pinoys everywhere…most commonly IT professions…and nurses.

after the mass, we went malling coz we had to have our php changed to sgd….then off we went to see the shops where i can buy flip flops on sale.

my so loved havaianas bade goodbye on our 3rd day in singapore…so got no choice.

got to buy 1, i saw 1 flip flops on sale which can be used in gigs as well, leather straps siya….we bought it at REEF, 50% off, had it for sgd24.50.

i usually go for quality when i buy things for myself….kasi for me, mura nga but durability is not that great….eh di parang ganun din….

we also had lunch there spending sgd10 only for both of us na….syempre tipid mode kami.

he had vegetarian meal (blanched lang siya with mee-hon), and i had chicken rice.

sunday was quite a great feeling knowing that i have a job and still praying for MOM’s final decision.

bye buona vista…

buona vista had been our temporary shelter for a week. we have learned to love the place because of its cozy ambience.

i just hope i will be able to post the pictures soon….i forgot the cable to link up with the camera so i can upload….hay naku!

i know, that we will miss the everyday sunlight, the walk at cold storage and the tambay at the park.

i will also miss edwin, our friend who found this pad for us temporarily, not to forget to mention jeri, our housemate who had been so good to us….

it’s time to go back in the city….we are going back to balestier….

we waited for jeri in order to pay for the rent….and at 745 pm, off we took a cab to balestier….

 too bad, that peak hour is even charged….syempre surcharge of sgd 2 as add on….kainis di ba!

final interface

though i have signed the application to be submitted to MOM, i need a final interface still with the General Manager of Sales of SDV Singapore.

as early as 5am, i was up already since i had to meet Phyllis at Ang Mo Kio station since the service of SDV is waiting there.

so at 630am, I was already at the MRT Buona Vista Station, after 15minutes, i arrived Raffles Place, to take the interchange to reach Ang Mo Kio.

at around 710am, already at Ang Mo Kio, since Phyllis will still wait for another local applicant, I dropped by nearest cheers (convenient store in Singapore) to buy a milo for my breakfast.

the bus ride to SDV took around 45minutes and i was finally on a face-to-face interview with Cedric.  He asked me all the things that I do in Manila and why consider Singapore to be my workplace.

I answered every questions with confidence and bragging aside, he was impressed and discussed with me the position that was offered.

I was challenged with the position since it was a new department to specialize Asia Pacific and develop the local market.

So, finally he said that I am very much qualified for the position.  Syempre, I super made hirit na naman regarding the consideration for the salary and he said that he will discuss it with HR Manager.

He said that I might be off for training this week so that when the pass comes out, i am already familiar with the work.

Yipee! Hope this is it! 2 more weeks of waiting.

.:: right bucks ::.

when i arrived home, 30minutes after, i got a call from Phyllis informing me that they are finally offering the right compensation….whoooah! mission accomplished!  hope MOM will consider this time.  we did the laundry in the automatic washing machine and did the cleaning of the house…and jerry complemented kasi gulat daw siya, malinis ang house…

.:: vivo city adventure ::.

when we were making tambay at our friend’s place to submit hubby’s applications, we were invited again to go to vivo city….siyempre off to go kami coz hubby needs to borrow portfolio from our friend who will be there too.

so strolling lang kami…vivo city is the biggest mall near sentosa….

we enjoyed and had dinner there….and of course, we had news na may sideline offfered to hubby which he will do tomorrow.

science park adventure

it’s our first weekend in singapore.

we were invited by our friends to come with them at science park. since jurong is just near buona vista, at courtesy of our friend,  libre entrance namin, sama na kami sa tour nila since most of their relatives were here for a month vacation.

we enjoyed checking on some of the experiments on exhibit…ganda siya…super laki ng place na kulang ang half day para maikot ang place….

we also went to their place in balestier since nag alok sila for a free dinner.