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new samie

its been a year already and i don’t want my handphone anymore.  i have new baby and her name is samie named after samsung.

finally, the contract is thru so i can have my new handphone set again. i needed to have a plan in order for me to have reimbursement of handphone claims.

anyway, in order to get rid of my k810i, i swapped it with samsung f480…it was a touch screen phone…and i am starting to love it.

will post some pictures soon!


auspicious 08.08.08

accdg to chinese this number is a good sign ….

auspicious as it can be, but somehow it seemed to be a good day as well

i had quite a nice day today… and i believe that only a few wedding supplier is not busy today.

i believe they are all fully booked…

just a thought, i wish i could have somethin to wish for on this day…

33rd year of existence

muchos gracias to those who shared my 33rd year of existence.

among those people i have invited 5 lang hindi nakarating, all in all 36 pala ang guests kong dumating….

it was fun and i’m so happy. aside from me having to serve what i cooked, of course, pansit c/o my kumareng dhey… the rest masarap daw…(baka gutom lang sila — or wala sila choice kasi bday ko, kaya dapat masarap daw!)

i was really glad kasi 5 people lang hindi nakarating sa mga ininvite ko.

i had 4 cakes – black forest cake from my hubby, chocolate mousse from blk 53 friends, swirly strawberry cheesecake from abi and mini cupcakes from bea.

i really had fun and thanks for those who shared my 33rd day of existence.

pictures to post soon!

30-three thankful years..

yup you have read it correctly. today marked my 33rd bday…

there are lot of things that I should be thankful of…
~ for having God in my life
~ for being me and what i have reached thru all this years
~ for having fulfilled my dream of pursuing my future plans in another country, now that i’m already in singapore
~ for having a very loving family back home, though distance separates us
~ for having a patient and supportive hubby
~ for having good friends through all this years
~ for having supportive colleagues and bosses and good working environment at work
~ for waking up in the morning and seeing the sun shine
~ for having a good bed to sleep at
~ for having a comfortable way of life
~ for having the wisdom and good mind
~ for having all the things i ever hoped for, which is just nice
~ for having the patience that i need whenever needed
~ for being to be of help to others who might be in need
~ for the upbringing to be caring for others
~ for seeing the sun set everytime i can get a glimpse of it
~ for having to see the moon at night with the stars
~ for having an angel who guides and protects me from harm
~ for everything that i am aspiring for, slowly setting into place
~ for all that i am and i hope to be….thanks all to Thee!

on the other note, i am busy preparing for my on line invites to friends.
i have finished some of my recipes for tomorrow…and i am happy because i will be on leave…

just a hope that i am with mom and my siblings, but i know their thoughts are with me, my mom was the first one who greeted me and my aunt mayet…

i’m hooked into my new hobby…

guess what, i’m currently hooked at?

cooking, which before was my most hated thing to do…

i will be celebrating my bday this wednesday, and i’m planning to go on leave just because i would want to be hooked with my new hobby…to cook what i need to serve my friends on wednesday night.

i rushed to the grocery with my cousin to buy the stuff i need, though even if i listed down what i need, of course, i missed out still some of things that i need to buy.

my recipe on wednesday are :

1. pancit bihon – this one will be cooked by hubby once he arrive from work ( seafood pansit is what i wanted)

2. pork lumpia or siomai – still contemplating which one i wanted to cook, though recipe is just the same

3. chicken seaweed in lemon sauce – this one it might be me or hubby who will prepare…

4.  rosetto potato with apple and bacon

5.  chicken macaroni salad

6.  maja blanca with corn – which i just finished doing today (super excited)

7.  honey glazed oreo cake

just hope it would be enough for my guests…hehehe!

i will be happy to have my nth bday!