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27 dresses

I have always loved weddings…and the same reason why I loved the movie 27 dresses.

Hubby was so good that even if he is not in the mood watching this romantic movies, he still did accompany me though some of our friends watched the movie Rambo from the other cinema….

A comedy romance movie which stars Katherine Heigl who I personally like…

So here’s the gist:

Katherine Heigl played the role of Jane….a lady who has been 27times all her life enjoying to be a bridesmade….she finds it one among the happiest day of their life and would always want to be part of it.

She worked as personal assistant to her boss George, played by Edward Burns whom she is madly in love with but kept that feeling as a secret. Until her younger sister Tess, played by Malin Akerman, came into New York and captured George’s heart leading him to have a good proposal and of course, as expected she became the wedding planner, until a meddling wedding reporter, Kevin played by James Marden, who turns the love triangle into a square makes thing turn very ugly.

Though I found the movie doesn’t seem to have the usual excitement that I am expecting, I had fun watching it though to suffice my unwinding movie weekend!



don’t love by the numbers

nowadays, almost newly wed couples are both working. therefore, getting hitched does not involve only bonding of 2 different individuals but also tying the financial knot as well.

during the preparation phase of each marriage, money matters usually comes in. i too can attest that i personally had some petty arguments over budget to set for our suppliers , but am proud to say that we were able to pull it off and had a successful wedding budget ( though it really exceeded the forecasted amount).

most couples always see to it that everything should be considered in order to avoid the kind of financial conflicts that often lead to nasty fights between husbands and wives.

don’t let money ruin the marital bliss that you are enjoying.

I have read an article saying, six months before marriage, an engaged couple must commence talking about the financial issues of the household. She may have certain expectations about where they’re going financially, but he may have a totally different take on how it’s going to go for the first year.

Couples need a money system. Saving should be done first—before there’s any spending of any kind. Couples will say, “Because we’re married, let’s go get new furniture and a bigger house.”

Each of the couple should have a share on the spendings…mostly 75% of the surveyed reasons for divorce was because of financial issues.

Therefore, for couples, beware and talk about money wisely … and as much as possible don’t start any arguments about it, otherwise home will be wrecked.

1st wedding anniversary

Today marks our 10th year of love as bf and gf…

And last Oct 14, marked our 1st wedding anniversary.

We had fun since we had cruise adventure at Grande Island Resort. We spent days of unwinding and cool breeze experience with our villa overlooking the shore….

we had fun skin diving and checking on the ocean creatures underwater.

We had fun playing the billiards and roaming around the islands and having the fun of our lives.

We were joined in the evening by our friends Art and Rose who are based in Pampanga.

It was such a good experience celebrating our anniversary.

We were supposed to go to Villa Escudero but then it was fully booked so we opted to go to Subic instead.

We had a ferry boat cruise going to the island as seen on our pictures. It was like riding an airplane…

We had arguments in the morning of Friday when we were on our way since it was traffic and we can’t hardly catch the 1230noon departure of the ferry….Still upon reaching Olongapo at 1230pm, we were still decided to go to Subic freeport and luckily, there was another special trip at around 130pm. The supposedly schedule of the next ferry was already at 530pm which means we had to wait for longer hours.

But still Lord has his ways for us to get at the island earlier.

We were so happy….upon reaching the island, we were amazed with the place…very cozy…its just that the pool and wave pool is under renovation so we had to enjoy the beach.

The set up and ambience was cool and the facilities are good, just like that facilities of 5 star hotels, plus the friendly and accommodating staff that they have.

the disadvantage is that you had to only eat at their coffee shop and fine dining place where meals are somewhat pricey though serving is big enough naman. but delectably yummy so its worth it.

here are some pictures to enjoy… 

Grande Island, Subic Bay Freeport Zone, Philippines
tel 632-688 7300 / direct line 688 7300 loc 8104 / fax 635 2951
mobile 0927-778 2760 / email address
Jenny Santos ( Assit Front Office Manager )

website :

nice scrappy from a friend

Mai, one of my w@wie friends is fond of doing DIgital Scrapping…

here’s one of her masterpiece in PHOTO TINTING…she practiced using our wedding portraits which i loved so much….yipee…

i just so loved it….Thanks MAI !

LO from a w@wie friend

an LO from a w@wie friend [30 May 2006|05:33pm]
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thanks to dear Angie ni Bizzi for a cutee LO.


She did it artistically and perfectly…how i wish i have the guts to do LO’s using photoshop…..but i can’t ….



I love the colors !!! it’s so US !!!


thanks again Angie dear!

7th month wedded bliss

we are now on our 7th month celebrating our wedded bliss.

and here’s to my hubby….

my hubby cooked linguini with meat sauce for me….we celebrated it at home lang to save on costs…we brought some to our mom in law since it’s mother’s day the following day…

yummy linguini…