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workweek loaded

i am having overloaded workweek because one of my colleagues is on leave and i’m covering part of his work, its a good thing, my manager is also sharing some loads.

2 more days left and hope i can survive….i know that i can surpass this, nevertheless, i need a break! i want to breathe fresh air and do unwinding in another place.

thank you Lord for being my strength, may you continue to give me more tomorrow as i face another busy day!


about cravings…

i can still remember how i and hubby did the food tripping in all the restaurants within our work area back in the philippines.

we have made it a point to have our weekend date by trying out specialties in each of the restaurants.

i have been surfing blogs to check out nice food in singapore, coz we are also venturing out varieties here the way we do back home.

while watching tv, i came across this food blog and it did  catch my attention, plus would you believe that the blogger’s profile is a doctor.

quite impressive!

S$100 Casino Levy at Resorts World Sentosa

Casino had its launch last Chinese New Year here in Singapore.

Singaporeans and PRs ( Permanent Residents) were imposed SGD 100 levy before they can enjoy the casino.

It has its pros and cons, government might be imposing this levy in order to discourage people from gambling, however, this will also help them to boost economy as well. For an average person, everyone can just go and out of curiosity, spend this 100 bucks just for the heck of having a feel of being a gambler even for just a day.

Other people thinks that it will however reduce the frequency of visiting the casino. You also need money to travel, isn’t it the same going overseas as what most Singaporeans do during their free time.

On my own point of view, now that the govt thought of these necessary measures to keep singaporeans flocking into casino, a lot of people still dont buy this idea

I think it boils down to one thing, more revenues for Singapore.

looking forward…

i and hubby had  a goal to achieve before end of 2010….

i just hope God will show me the signs whether to proceed or not to, by using my own means.

i have expressed and already mentioned my plans to management, but as i see it, i don’t think it will happen, or am i just to eager to move forward.

i and hubby want a stress free country to settle, 4 years had been a long wait of not having to conceive…as per my OB, i know i need to settle somewhere else than Singapore.

i am praying indeed if God grants me the sign.

Step 1 to be started and targetted by March.

God bless our plans….

the heat is on…summer!

hot hot hot weather….i miss my hometown, for when its hot, it means beach escapades and summer outings.

this is what i miss here in singapore….no nice and clean beach to enjoy, you have to take a ferry ride and go to indonesia or malaysia to enjoy the water.

i was browsing this site and come across and their packages make me wanna come home.

i filed my leave already and hope hubby’s leave will be granted, just in case, we would want to go to this place

this place looked nice

Boracay Regency- Starting at just Php 2475 pax/night

Red Coconut – Starting at just Php 1500 pax/night

2010 post vday date and chinese new year holiday

this is one among the most awaited stress free day. work-free day.

since we had our vday date with a group on the 14th itself, we decided to have a simple lunch and coffee bonding moment at FISH.

we were thinking of a 2days 1 night getaway in Indonesia, but we opted to just have a rest for te 4 long weekend off.

we enjoyed the food and the buffet salad bar, had sirloin steak and hubby had his charbroiled fish.

chatting at starbucks ended the day.

group vday date 2010 at the east coast

it has been 2 years in a row that we are having a group date at East Coast during V-day.

since most of our friends have family and kids here in Singapore, we always think, family day have always been a great way to celebrate it.

we had pot luck – mostly for bbq, pasta, shrimps and booze.

we enjoyed the bbq, the sand, and most of all the pictionary game with the kids.

words mostly remembered during pictionary :

luis’ –> kill and STOLE the wallet ( this is actually what he said)

fonzy’s –> wedding ring (with the hand demo)