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too long no post

got so much busy with work that i was not able to post some of the entries….

though i have been enjoying so much of my hectic work schedule, i was so happy that everything is falling into place.

i am not bragging about myself, but was so happy to learn directly from my GM, that they are very satisfied and happy to have hired me….she just bragged to our hr manager this morning with me listening to their discussion, that i have exceeded their expectations in work performance during the past 2 months.

i am thanking God that the company had been recognizing the efforts that i am putting in my everyday job…..i’m not trying to get their attention, but i’m not after the credits….i’m just really happy that they are satisfied with the work attitude that i got.


gadget galore

since due to my stupidity, i accidentally sat on my phone and totally LCD was ruined.  no messages can be viewed on the screen and only sound is the only beneficial part of it. though i can still play the MP3.

its a good thing our gm offered me that i get a plan since they will pay my plan monthly at sgd80. so i decided to purchase my own phone….

i finally had sony ericsson k810i… a phone and camera rolled into 1.

we purchased this in funan digital life mall and we had the benefit of having it sgd120 off due to on going promo….i decided to get the sgd 45 — i two plan plus sgd 248 + sgd 10 for the unit.

it was already affordable at that level since this phone without line costs approx sgd 598.

so a good buy, so of course, we had the pictorial para ma sample-an yung camera niya. 

singapore turns 42…

its our first time to witness how national day was celebrated in singapore. it was held in marina bay. aside from having a free day because it’s holiday which we always look forward after every hectic day of the week.

we have witnessed the fireworks since jen and dan had their celebration for jen’s sisters bday…..

it turned out to be a get together day with cata and other friends….

happy 42nd bday singapore!

few weeks before the day, there are banners posted in each of the buildings you pass by…

1st bday in singapore

i was so happy that everyone dear to me remembered my bday.

at 12midnight, there were some pinoy friends in singapore who greeted me.  at first, i and hubby was just planning to have simple salo salo with housemates…but then, it turned out to eventually be a party of around 15people.

we invited our friends in yew tee and also in paya lebar.  we had italian spaghetti, lumpia, don don food, chicken pie, egg sandwich and fried chicken.

nairaos siya ng masaya.  muntik pa akong hindi makaabot to some of the visitors coz i had to stay at the office until 8pm to finish some urgent work.

i was also teary eyed when my friends from work surprised me during lunch with a free lunch and a cake to blow….they said that they wanted me to feel happy during my first bday in singapore.

truly, God made me realize how happy i can be with my decision to move and look for a greener pasture in another land like Singapore.  Aside from having good working environment though super toxic ang work, i can feel i got my second family here.

i miss my family…

today, my family back home will be celebrating my birthday..

i am turning my 30uumpteenth year in life. i thank God for this accomplishments in career and my family.

i sometimes wish i can fly back to manila and join them..i wish to be with them, i nearly wanted to cry because of the memories i miss out.

when you’re in another country, truly life is good because of achievements but still your family is one among the important factor why you always wanted to go back.

eve before my bday

i am so happy because my family back home celebrated my birthday today, in anticipation of tomorrow’s affair.

they called me in my handphone before i go to mass.

they had  a little salo salo with some of my cousins to celebrate my 32nd birthday, oops, tumatanda na talaga ako.

anyway, i almost felt teary eyed hearing them so happy….

sometimes, life can be so lonely…

sometimes, there are this ups and downs in life and i know, my family can be my comforting arm in times like these… sometimes, i tend to feel lonely, especially when i am all alone…or maybe i just miss them so much!

in moments of downspurs, i regret some points in my life…but i know its just a stage that we need to adjust in each others differences.

no couple are perfect, but with simple arguments, i feel the pain and i wanted to burst out and cry….

i know, trials like this can make me strong. actually, our petty quarrel just turned out to be not that big deal but i am just totally hurt, or am i just being emotional… there are uncertainties which we sometimes argue about….and will end up not that good…

i just don’t want to be in the situation wherein i feel the hurt inside and i don’t have the backbone to face that….. i too, is to blame for what happened…but i know, he would also try to analyze how he hurted me…

but how can you think of someone so good and now, can turn out to be inconsiderate and tend to burst out his emotions badly. that one i hardly can’t accept upto this time.

i just want to shout my heart out…to release the pain inside of me…i just hope he would realize what i have been wanting him to realize everytime we are in faced into situations like this.

is it because of pride that we being both the eldest can’t deal with? both of us always wanted to win the argument and no one wants to give in?

well, realities of life can somehow make us strong…it’s not a big deal anyway…..i am just being so affected and hurt….

 my intervention especially in times like this…is a simple prayer to God….to make me strong and face realities of life….