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LO from a w@wie friend

an LO from a w@wie friend [30 May 2006|05:33pm]
[ mood | cheerful ]

thanks to dear Angie ni Bizzi for a cutee LO.


She did it artistically and perfectly…how i wish i have the guts to do LO’s using photoshop…..but i can’t ….



I love the colors !!! it’s so US !!!


thanks again Angie dear!


saddest day of our lives

my dad has been sick, a couple of years back. He has myocardial infarction which initially attacked him december of 2004. we were so nervous then, that he couldn’t make it on our wedding. i reminded him that he should get well that he had to walk me down the aisle with all smiles and being a proud dad.

but just today, marked the saddest part of our lives….my very own dad passed away. i was saddened by the news that he was comatosed when i receive the news from my brother.

at around 3:40am, we got several missed calls on my phone. it was my brother and sister…..when i saw those missed calls, i got a bad feeling that something bad arised….and its true, my dad was in coma…..

they told me that i need to go to the hospital because we need to bring him to the ICU of a bigger hospital with complete facilities. i asked them if everything is being monitored for daddy…and they said that doctor told them that he’s in coma.

they were waiting for me to arrive at the hospital so i and my husband drove all the way to pacita to check on daddy….the E.R. and the Cadaver room is situated next to each other…i was hoping i will be able to catch dad at the E.R….I was surprised to see them already at the Cadaver room with dad covered with hospital linen…..i felt so guilty that i didn’t hurry up that soon….

I saw my dad still in hot temperature which my mom claimed that he just passed away a few minutes before i arrived. He was not able to wait for me anymore….

I just realized how life should have been so unfair that i was not able to express my love to him fully….he was even so excited to see our new pad because he was about to visit us then…he was so happy that we have our own homey.

we reminisced how thoughtful he was, no matter how tired he is coming from his work, once he knew that someone is confined at the hospital, he will definitely be there…he was there when my mom in law had stroke and when my husband was confined last month.

i know i have some bitterness for my dad’s selfish acts when i was still young, but i know, he is my dad that he has showed that he loved me in his own simple ways.

we will miss our daddy… that father’s day is nearing, we should have expressed our love even more for him.

i was just so happy that before he got comatosed, he shouted ” LORD, PATAWAD!…….. I know Dad is now in heaven…!!! and that’s the parting words that kept us happier that he asked forgiveness before his last breath.

Lesson learned : Show your love to the people dear to you…you will never know what comes after tomorrow.

We love you Dad and we will miss you!!! How I wish, i should have shown you the love you deserve….

7th month wedded bliss

we are now on our 7th month celebrating our wedded bliss.

and here’s to my hubby….

my hubby cooked linguini with meat sauce for me….we celebrated it at home lang to save on costs…we brought some to our mom in law since it’s mother’s day the following day…

yummy linguini…


my brother’s treat

it’s my one and only brother’s birthday today.

he already turned 28 years old, now he’s workin in a call center and im a proud sister of a brother who’s a dollar earner. he works in manila but already a dollar earner.

happy birthday bro!

the unveiled brides

I got friends from w@w and i’m proud we still kept the friendship alive. Of course, since Mec loved digiscrapping, she decided to do this LO for us.

lobo getaway

since it was a long weekend, our barcada, the acolytes — actually it was my hubby’s set of friends who planned for the family getaway in Lobo Batangas.

We had fun. We departed Muntinlupa last Saturday, april 29 and stayed there until 2pm of May 1.

We are all in all 5 private cars travelling and around 28 adults and 13 kids.

It was fun. we had bonfire, playing pictionary and bonding moments with friends and family.

Beach was nice….place was suited for unwinding and twas really fun.

here are some pics to share…

at the beach with angela and mama of xean

my hubby xean while having our breakfast during the last day, moi at the background

mommy of koji, xean and aaron ( down )
estoi, mark, bec and angela ( at the cottage )

there were lots of lessons learned….during this outing….fun and great learning experience.