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longing for my hubby

My husband has been out of town for a week…working and visiting clients in Cebu.

I was supposed to follow but then, i know how terribly busy he will be…and we can only see each other late night already so i opted not to go anymore.

Since Monday when he left, i had to go and stay at my mom’s place coz I’m afraid to stay alone in our own apartment and i would feel his absence even more if i’m alone.

I have been starting to miss him since day 1, even if we communicate regularly, the thought of being away from him, makes me empty…

What more if my employment abroad materialize, the more of this feeling will really kill me…

Though we have been chatting regularly once I arrive home, i still do miss him.

Anyway, 1 more sleep to go and he will arrive tomorrow night…just couldn’t wait to see him again…

Miss you so much baby!