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goodbye SDV…

It was my last day to report for work since I will be rendering terminal leave to enjoy my vacation.

cryI was misty eyed upon receiving the feedback, emails and calls from people dear to me, after I have sent my farewell letter thru email. A lot of people who had been closely related to my working days, my counterparts and clients, expressed their sadness and wished me luck in my leaving SDV after 9 years.

I have treated SDV as my second home already next to my family.

It is where my entire life of each day revolved, where I grew and learned a lot of things that I can be proud of, and where I gained part of my career fulfillment, but life has to go on and move to the next phase of my career.

I bade my last goodbyes to my colleagues but since I don’t want to be sentimental, I need to remain composed and not to shed a single tear. After waving, I immediately left.

Inside the lift, I became misty eyed. Goodbye SDV… I will surely miss my colleagues.


Escapade to Merlion’s Place



Definitely, my journey to tomorrow has its side trip….the adventure part.

Last March 14, I was fetched by my friends at the airport and stayed in Ava Towers, Ava Road, near Balestier. My escapades were during the course of my interview too, since I had to stroll alone since my friends are all off to work during the weekday. I ventured at Raffles Place, UOB Bldg, Paya Lebar, Boon Lay and Beach Road.


During my idle times, I decided to go to Shaw Plaza near my friend’s pad, sometimes, Lucky Plaza, Plaza Singapura, Bugis Village for some shopping. During my last day, that was the only day that my friends got time to tour me around. Truly, the Singapore getaway is an experience I truly treasure, though it could have been happier with my hubby around.


here are some pics to enjoy …

journey to tomorrow

Since January, my curriculum vitae has flooded all job search engines, particulary jobsdb, monster in order to rummage around better calling.

I have been grasping calls from my mobile phone  day after day.  Several companies have proposed vast  offer. 

I have been even interviewed by 1 would-be employer who flew all the way from Singapore  to conduct the interface.  I was considered for the position in a shipping company but untoward incidents happened that they are not willing to pay bucks requirement that I had.

I got another email from 1 potential employer who is willing to sponsor me who demanded me to fly for the final job offer with only a short notice. So in just 2 days, I had to plan my flight to Singapore and my 6days stay taking full advantage of career opportunities for me.

I had several list of companies who have promised to conduct interview once I get there. I had 5 confirmed meetings before I left Manila. 

I had to stay in my all boys friend’s place in order to save on costs for hotel accommodation.  I was so glad my friend, Aaron taught me how to board the MRT, read the MRT map since I will be the only one who will go  to different places for several job interviews.  I got the hang of it and enjoyed my everyday journey to Singapore.

I ventured at Interview locations such as Raffles place, Bugis, Beach Road, Boon Lay, Paya Lebar.

At day 1, I was hired and invited to finally join the semicon company.  Therefore, I had to sign all the papers for the processing for the Ministry of Manpower.  After the job offer, they have given me my contract and asked me to submit all papers required to complete all the requirements to support my application.

The upshot of the interview course varied.  One of the employers prefer to eye for those having Permanent Residency.  The 2 other companies have offered lower bucks to consider but the 1st employer considered to take me in.

The rest of the days were spent to check the job offers and salary range though I already considered in joining the semicon company.

I am really thankful to God for all this worthy trip and for having this journey to our tomorrow.  🙂


Muster Courage to Resign

After 9 years of serving SDV, I finally mustered the couragei resign to tender my resignation.

I have been wanting to do this for a couple of years back, but the drive of doing so, isn’t that strong enough to convince me to finally push thru with the plan.

Until I finally had this offer from Singapore which let me realize my thoughts.

It was 5pm when I handed over my resignation letter to my French boss. He was quite surprised when he read it and since he was off for a meeting. He informed me that he has his proposal for me.

The following day, he said that he was asking me if I would be interested to work for our headquarters office in Singapore so he would be endorsing me.

He asked me to write a letter to the Managing Director of Singapore and express my interest.

But since the MD in Singapore was so busy, I was not able to have any feedback yet.