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christmas tree pictures

this is my first christmas in sg and i love the sight of christmas tree all over the place.

so i think this deserves 1 single post to feature all the poses i did around sg.

at raffles
at esplanade hari raya trees
at bugis
at paragon
at cathay
lastly at mac shop in orchard

year end wrap-up at work

now i know how busy life is in my workplace in sg, especially that it is our end of year wrap-up.

we need to close all files and clear those unbilled transactions that we had throughout the year.

i had to squeeze time and do the last minute thing, otherwise we will end up the christmas eve at the office.

we went back so late already to finish backlogs and even rush shipments.  now i feel how operations people, like me,  are really”ngarag” when it comes to this year end wrap-up.

when i was in the philippines, i really had not much of this busy schedule since i am with the sales team. but now that i am with operations, i can feel the pressure of this rush wrap up….

haay, but then the excitement and pressure is always tag team. we had our buffet lunch at the office last saturday due to this wrap-up.

usually, saturday is until 1pm only. this time i stayed in the office til 8pm to finish all backlogs.  i will do my last minute on monday, eve of new year and hope my support group will cooperate in settling all backlogs.

1st christmas in sg

year 2007 christmas is somehow happy and sad that we had to celebrate christmas away from home.

happy because we got some friends around to hang out with during this special time of family gathering….pinoy friends who have become our family since we landed in sg.

we celebrated the eve of christmas by attending the last simbang gabi at saint peter and paul parish near city hall. afterwards, we were invited by some friends marco and maan to join them as well but since we had to drop by at cata’s place (co-w@wie) to bring them some christmas gifts, we ended up celebrating christmas with her family and with dan ( our barcada from pinas ) who have also been here for 2 years.

it was a happy christmas celebration since it was really a family reunion for them. i can see how happy each family gathering is, during this season, and i was also hoping i am also with my family back home.

i was also sad as this was the 2nd christmas that dad is not with us, (sensya na feeling senti ako, bakit ba? blog ko naman ito di ba?) syempre lonely then kasi miss ko din mom ko….i was also thinking then of my sis, who is celebrating christmas alone in her 3room flat in mauritius (she just flew this november for work as well)…so my mom is left with my brother and also my aunt and her family….buti na nga lang i had some aunt and her family to be with my mom and bro back home.

then on the 25th of december, since there was nothing to do, we were invited to go to sentosa to spend a different christmas there.

since the time we went to sg, i never joined any friends in going there kasi i said to myself, pag may dumating na lang na bisita from pinas ulit, but it was worth it celebrating christmas there too. we watched the “Songs of the Sea” and roamed around Siloso and Palawan Beach….(enjoy some of the pics!)

party in sg

we had our first christmas party in singapore together with fellow pinoy friends.

it was a 3-in-1 party, morning is the wedding of vanj and dan, mid afternoon was the baptism of cata’s son (ka-w@w ko) and lastly the tropa’s christmas party.

ang saya saya talaga for the food was catered by the newly weds tapos we had some games and also exchange gifts.

here are our christmas party pics to enjoy. (credits to my fave photog, flo!)

sunday getaway

got up from bed at around 3pm since we only got home at around nearly 2am since we had fun enjoying the reggae band “at the waterfront” show at esplanade. this used to our fave hangout but purposely we are going to buy gift fat marina square for xean’s”baby” for the christmas party this coming saturday (all pinoys party) at eunos.

we decided to leave home around 4pm and went to bugis to check on the gift for my baby. unfortunately, we can’t find the thing on his wish list there…so we decided to stroll at robinsons and buy something for the baptism of cata’s baby instead.  of course, i will not post whatever we bought, coz cata might come across my blog eh di walang suspense kay mommy ni rou!

then off to the cathedral kami to attend mass.  after the mass, we usually attend the same church together with our pinoy friends, so parang get together namin always ang sunday.

we went to plaza singapura, but since we pass by cathay, we had our usual picture taking at the cute pink christmas tree and of course, the starbucks advertising greetings for the upcoming holiday.

went to daiso to buy our santa hat to be used as the theme for the party this saturday.

hormonal imbalance…

this had struck me from puberty upto present. this is a kind of allergic reaction brought about by incorrect relationship between progesterone and estrogen levels in the body. if it has imbalance ovulation, then it is not likely to occur monthly….just like my case….

i have been treated from asian hospital for this imbalance before i went over to singapore. all the while, when i arrive here, it was kinda ok for me…but it got even worst…medical treatment here is quite on the high side and i only got my card for medical coverage just recently.

i was about to check on ob-gyne this week since i never had my monthly period since august…imagine that, i even suspected last time, i was already having our mini-me but last november, i tried checking by the use of the self test pack bought from watsons, it was negative.

finally, now since i and hubby had our weekend unwinding moments again at esplanade, upon arriving home, then the most awaited moment has come, finally, i had the monthly period after 4months….how can this irregularity affect me…well, seriously it has its pros and cons.

pros is that i save on having to buy sanitary pads wherein i can consume almost 3 sets of 8pcs/pack per monthly visit….no hassles of having to change pads from time to time…..

cons is that i can’t get the ovulation and will lower the chance of having our mini-me plus the hassle of not discharging all the unnecessary residues that i had to excrete….

anyway, thanks God I am normal again…

weekend work rants

its a nice feeling having off from the 5 or skeletal 6 day work week that i have. work have been so tiring since the workload here is almost triple than that of my manila….

but since i get to enjoy my current job, then i already get used to it.   sabi nga ng singaporeans, i can settle my own hiccups (para sa kanila, mga palpakis ng trabaho)….so far, wala pang minor or major palpak na nangyari since i joined the company.

i am regular employee and somehow getting used to how to adapt to their culture. you need to be tough here, kasi you get to be bullied if you appear as weak person….i actually, experience it and i had my share of crying moments when i was just starting for 3months time…..but then, my gm and unit manager does not tolerate such, whenever i receive yelling from whoever they are — f*** !!!

with my strong personality, napapaiyak nila ako. sh*t!  somehow, tinuruan nila akong maging matapang…and to tell those who bullied me that they are not paying my salary….hahaha! so matapang na nga ako….

teka parang hindi nila deserve to be posted, pero at least i learned to be stronger.

so far my colleagues are all ok, walang problema, ang bully yung mga sinu-support ko from other offices. haay! ganyan talaga if wala ka sa sarili mong bayan.

and now, that i’m tough, no one can beat me….!  kakabugin mo sila!

anyway, its nice to spend weekends at home, doing the general cleaning of our room and house which can only be done weekends plus the laundry….

syempre, busy from work, sometimes i get home the earliest time is 830pm tapos minsan nearly midnight ako sa ofc. imagine that, if may overtime fee di ba?

but anyway, its paying off naman as i get satisfied with the experience i am getting thus will help me in my future plans in the long run….

though i miss pinas…. now that i’m listening to christmas songs…haaaay! buhay overseas….tama ba naman na while writing this post, “i’ll be home for christmas!” ang tugtog…syempre lalo kong na miss mommy ko and brother ko….and my aunt and cousins back home….