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the heat is on…summer!

hot hot hot weather….i miss my hometown, for when its hot, it means beach escapades and summer outings.

this is what i miss here in singapore….no nice and clean beach to enjoy, you have to take a ferry ride and go to indonesia or malaysia to enjoy the water.

i was browsing this site and come across and their packages make me wanna come home.

i filed my leave already and hope hubby’s leave will be granted, just in case, we would want to go to this place

this place looked nice

Boracay Regency- Starting at just Php 2475 pax/night

Red Coconut – Starting at just Php 1500 pax/night


i’m back…

it’s so great to be back!

i have missed blogging.

got so many updates in my life and will do it in bullets

  • went back home in pinas last december for a 2 week vacation – enjoyed reunion for a week in ilocos and went to pagudpod and another week in manila
  • now one among the senior cs in our team
  • glad to spend sometime with my sis, when she had stopped over in sg from mauritius
  • happy to have received appraisal bonus in tough times like this
  • was able to buy gift for myself – a gucci and burberry sunnies , kenneth cole and baby g watches
  • hubby gave me a new vaio notebook

have been so busy with work lately…but i will make sure i will be spending time to update my blog

updatees on me…

is this me?

it has been a long time since i post an entry to my very own blog and i missed it….

soon, i will be having my time no matter how busy as a bee i am now…

2 days in a row that i come home closing the doors of our office….grabe, back to the old times all over again…

i hope i can relax soon….

a lot of things happened

  • done with our abode hunt
  • almost done fixing things in our new room
  • made uzis on the f1 race in singapore
  • went on an inter island cruise
  • about to celebrate our 3rd wedding anniversary

30-three thankful years..

yup you have read it correctly. today marked my 33rd bday…

there are lot of things that I should be thankful of…
~ for having God in my life
~ for being me and what i have reached thru all this years
~ for having fulfilled my dream of pursuing my future plans in another country, now that i’m already in singapore
~ for having a very loving family back home, though distance separates us
~ for having a patient and supportive hubby
~ for having good friends through all this years
~ for having supportive colleagues and bosses and good working environment at work
~ for waking up in the morning and seeing the sun shine
~ for having a good bed to sleep at
~ for having a comfortable way of life
~ for having the wisdom and good mind
~ for having all the things i ever hoped for, which is just nice
~ for having the patience that i need whenever needed
~ for being to be of help to others who might be in need
~ for the upbringing to be caring for others
~ for seeing the sun set everytime i can get a glimpse of it
~ for having to see the moon at night with the stars
~ for having an angel who guides and protects me from harm
~ for everything that i am aspiring for, slowly setting into place
~ for all that i am and i hope to be….thanks all to Thee!

on the other note, i am busy preparing for my on line invites to friends.
i have finished some of my recipes for tomorrow…and i am happy because i will be on leave…

just a hope that i am with mom and my siblings, but i know their thoughts are with me, my mom was the first one who greeted me and my aunt mayet…

tamad mode and updating of entries…

Due to busy skeds recently, i’m on my most tamad mode to even blog and update.

A lot have been happening in my life pero wala lang talaga me sa mood to write…

Sige update na nga ko…

1.  Yesterday, 24 April, It was my scheduled off in lieu, since it was the wedding of our friends, Pau and Vieve, i have filed half day instead

Work update…so off from work ako in the afternoon…since my colleague and only 1 colleague in the team have gone off for her resignation, super busy ako sa work coz i have to take over her work, though my manager helps me din…pero syempre, doble pagod ako di ba…kasi ang workload ko double na…. I sometimes feel so tamad na parang di na gumagana utak ko with the heavy workload, pero para namang may choice ako, ni i organize and sort out my mails into their folders di ko na magawa….coz i want to try to be efficient in my work kahit nga sobrang uber na trabaho. Syempre this is my time to shine and to show them na kaya ko…so from work i had to rush things in half a day and delegate to my manager what is to be left to him…super bait naman nya about it…at hindi talaga ako inistorbo entire day….that’s what i like about him….super galing talaga…and will make you relax pag off mo.

Sistah update…since i promised my sister that i had to send her the 1 week package for her, syempre off to Lucky Plaza ako to canvass how to save in sending her the stuff she asked me to buy.  Punta muna ako sa mga forwarding industry but they charged too high, since I had our messenger canvass for me from Singpost, so dun na lang preference ko…yung 4kgs is worth sgd 100 equals na rin sa Php 3000.  Pero transit time is 2 weeks…wala lang akong guts to include yung perfume ng sister ko pero pwede if properly packed ko lang sana….paano pa yung talent ko sa dg cargo kung hindi ko kaya di ba?

Wedding update…after sending package to my sis in mauritius off to wedding ako, tinawagan na nga ako ng groom kasi they want me to witness and i had to take cab from Lucky Plaza….ang saya ng wedding nila sa ROM ( Registry of Marriage ) parang civil rites equivalent sa Pinas.  Tapos photo ops kami with my hubby as their photographer and me as the photo director for the shots…ang ganda ng kinalabasan.  syempre, yung kainan na rin which in fairness is a good caterer…sarap din ng food….and may pabaon pa kami….

bloggy awards…

kaye tagged me and gave me this award…thanks friend!

tagging my cwl know who you are….

busy as a bee!

I was so happy since month of January came in, I seldom stayed office late…but today, it seemed that it started the week, to  be so very busy as a bee!

Omg! Super busy to the max that I even forgot to somehow pee….magkakaroon pa yata ako UTI, kakapigil kasi nga ang daming work….pag hindi lang super weewee na ako eh hindi ko puputulin work ko.

Even my phone just didn’t stop bothering me….reading my emails alone can consume much of my work….grabe, bawat reply and send tapos when it receives dami ulit…I ended up working until 8pm and tried to catch the last bus at work.

Haay, I just hope tomorrow will not be so much busy though.

I am also being offered by my boss to take my off in lieu this Thursday.  I was still feeling so sleepy, its a good thing, i was too busy to have a thought of sleepyhead effect since we got home from Jen’s place and nag inuman after the mass.