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hormonal imbalance…

this had struck me from puberty upto present. this is a kind of allergic reaction brought about by incorrect relationship between progesterone and estrogen levels in the body. if it has imbalance ovulation, then it is not likely to occur monthly….just like my case….

i have been treated from asian hospital for this imbalance before i went over to singapore. all the while, when i arrive here, it was kinda ok for me…but it got even worst…medical treatment here is quite on the high side and i only got my card for medical coverage just recently.

i was about to check on ob-gyne this week since i never had my monthly period since august…imagine that, i even suspected last time, i was already having our mini-me but last november, i tried checking by the use of the self test pack bought from watsons, it was negative.

finally, now since i and hubby had our weekend unwinding moments again at esplanade, upon arriving home, then the most awaited moment has come, finally, i had the monthly period after 4months….how can this irregularity affect me…well, seriously it has its pros and cons.

pros is that i save on having to buy sanitary pads wherein i can consume almost 3 sets of 8pcs/pack per monthly visit….no hassles of having to change pads from time to time…..

cons is that i can’t get the ovulation and will lower the chance of having our mini-me plus the hassle of not discharging all the unnecessary residues that i had to excrete….

anyway, thanks God I am normal again…


OB findings /moving to another pad

We had another visit with my OB – Infertility doctor at Asian Hospital.

All tests had been read and finally, I will be able to know if we can have a baby or not.

The results of the series of tests are as follows :

  1. TSH ( Thyroid Stimulating Hormone )

RESULT : 0.955 Miu / L – within reference range

NORMAL VALUE : 0.465 to 4.68



All physical exam ( color / transparency ) – NORMAL

Chemical exam ( glucose / bilirubin / ketone / sp gravity / blood / ph / protein . urobilinogen / nitrite / leucocytes – NORMAL

Microscopic Exam by Flow Cytometry

Includes : RBC – 11.7 – ­ ( normal range 0 – 3.8 )

WBC – 1O.7 – ­ ( normal range 0 – 3.6 )

Epithelia cells – 20.6 ­ ( normal range 0 – 3 )

Type and bacteria – within normal range

DIAGNOSIS – UTI ( Urinary Tract Infection )

TREATMENT : was prescribed antibiotics to take 3x a day for 7 days

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general check up w/ infertility doctor

I’m sick since Saturday, having this bad cold and cough. so i had to consult doctor and was on leave yesterday.

Since I never had my monthly period for the month of june, which is not new to me anymore, and had been 1 among my problems ever since, i can’t drink antibiotics, coz we suspected pregnancy…though it appeared nega in the MEDIC pregnancy kit which we tried 3 weeks back.

I went to Asian Hospital yesterday for my Pulmo check up, I told the Pulmonologist that i can’t just take meds coz i might be pregnant…She endorsed me to the OB to have it checked.

It’s my second time to visit OB but my first time for a general and tedious check up and I’m quite nervous. I had visited OB 1 time due to my amenorrhea ( absence of monthly period ), but suggested me to just take provera. so it was just like an ordinary visit to a physician.

I met Dra Cecilia Cruz-Reyes, OB Gyne and Infertility Doctor of Asian Hospital….and found her so nice so my fears have all gone. She was a very young doctor around 30-35 range of age, and very accommodating. She will explain everything just for me to understand the medical terminologies. I don’t even want to tell her I’m a nurse so she will not assume that I know everything, I want to be treated just like the usual patient.

She had physically inspected my breasts, abdomen and the private part….At first, I was too shy to spread my legs, ( maybe this is the initial reaction of someone having such physical inspection for the first time….never had pap smear even before, for i know, i only had 1 sexual partner in my life and that’s my husband….She put on her gloves and did digital inspection to check my uterus if in place and she declared that upon physical inspection, it seemed to be on a different position — she had introduced the vaginal speculum and chose the smallest one since it was my first time…..the introduction of the equipment was just ok, feeling cold on the inside when it’s inserted….she had to get a discharge for the pap smear test……she found everything to be ok and declared infection free upon physical inspection and Internal Examination.

For further checking, she suspected and anticipated that there might be problem on the inner part so she suggested Trans Vaginal Exam.

She wanted to found out the cause of my missed monthly periods for this is 1 among the causes of not having a baby….my ovulation is not good and it should be corrected.

Had to undergo several more test :

Trans Vaginal
Pap Smear
TSH – thyroid stimulating hormone
Fasting Insulin
and a lot more, which i can’t remember anymore

The result of Trans Vaginal was quite bad….

There’s a tendency that Implantation is hard to take place unless corrected.

Here’s the reading of the Trans Vaginal result :

SEPTATED UTERUS AND BILATERAL POLYCYSTIC OVARIES — findings which made me cry and worry so much.

I just hope after all the tests and findings, it’s not a big problem to have a baby for us.

My hubby is really wanting to have one…..

so sad!!!