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about cravings…

i can still remember how i and hubby did the food tripping in all the restaurants within our work area back in the philippines.

we have made it a point to have our weekend date by trying out specialties in each of the restaurants.

i have been surfing blogs to check out nice food in singapore, coz we are also venturing out varieties here the way we do back home.

while watching tv, i came across this food blog and it did  catch my attention, plus would you believe that the blogger’s profile is a doctor.

quite impressive!


i’m hooked into my new hobby…

guess what, i’m currently hooked at?

cooking, which before was my most hated thing to do…

i will be celebrating my bday this wednesday, and i’m planning to go on leave just because i would want to be hooked with my new hobby…to cook what i need to serve my friends on wednesday night.

i rushed to the grocery with my cousin to buy the stuff i need, though even if i listed down what i need, of course, i missed out still some of things that i need to buy.

my recipe on wednesday are :

1. pancit bihon – this one will be cooked by hubby once he arrive from work ( seafood pansit is what i wanted)

2. pork lumpia or siomai – still contemplating which one i wanted to cook, though recipe is just the same

3. chicken seaweed in lemon sauce – this one it might be me or hubby who will prepare…

4.  rosetto potato with apple and bacon

5.  chicken macaroni salad

6.  maja blanca with corn – which i just finished doing today (super excited)

7.  honey glazed oreo cake

just hope it would be enough for my guests…hehehe!

i will be happy to have my nth bday!

tamad mode and updating of entries…

Due to busy skeds recently, i’m on my most tamad mode to even blog and update.

A lot have been happening in my life pero wala lang talaga me sa mood to write…

Sige update na nga ko…

1.  Yesterday, 24 April, It was my scheduled off in lieu, since it was the wedding of our friends, Pau and Vieve, i have filed half day instead

Work update…so off from work ako in the afternoon…since my colleague and only 1 colleague in the team have gone off for her resignation, super busy ako sa work coz i have to take over her work, though my manager helps me din…pero syempre, doble pagod ako di ba…kasi ang workload ko double na…. I sometimes feel so tamad na parang di na gumagana utak ko with the heavy workload, pero para namang may choice ako, ni i organize and sort out my mails into their folders di ko na magawa….coz i want to try to be efficient in my work kahit nga sobrang uber na trabaho. Syempre this is my time to shine and to show them na kaya ko…so from work i had to rush things in half a day and delegate to my manager what is to be left to him…super bait naman nya about it…at hindi talaga ako inistorbo entire day….that’s what i like about him….super galing talaga…and will make you relax pag off mo.

Sistah update…since i promised my sister that i had to send her the 1 week package for her, syempre off to Lucky Plaza ako to canvass how to save in sending her the stuff she asked me to buy.  Punta muna ako sa mga forwarding industry but they charged too high, since I had our messenger canvass for me from Singpost, so dun na lang preference ko…yung 4kgs is worth sgd 100 equals na rin sa Php 3000.  Pero transit time is 2 weeks…wala lang akong guts to include yung perfume ng sister ko pero pwede if properly packed ko lang sana….paano pa yung talent ko sa dg cargo kung hindi ko kaya di ba?

Wedding update…after sending package to my sis in mauritius off to wedding ako, tinawagan na nga ako ng groom kasi they want me to witness and i had to take cab from Lucky Plaza….ang saya ng wedding nila sa ROM ( Registry of Marriage ) parang civil rites equivalent sa Pinas.  Tapos photo ops kami with my hubby as their photographer and me as the photo director for the shots…ang ganda ng kinalabasan.  syempre, yung kainan na rin which in fairness is a good caterer…sarap din ng food….and may pabaon pa kami….

ikea…here we come!

since we moved into our new pad, we enjoyed visiting IKEA, a shop where most furnitures that you need is at its competitive price plus you would always want to shop and ends up buying what you don’t need.

so for this month, we wanted a shoe rack which can keep shoes in place, but we wanted one which is not exposed so we ended up buying this plus the clothes organizer since it can’t fit inside the cabinet anymore….well, i just finished ironing and hanged all the clothes….

aside from the furnitures, they house an Ikea restaurant which serves sumptuous dishes that keeps us coming back and craving for it…so we had it all over again….my choice as always, the Swedish Herbal Chicken and my hubby’s fave, the Salmon…he also had the Salmon Vegetable Salad and I had Cheesecake but was not able to take picture.

hectic week

this week have been so hectic for me.

i have been going back home so late recently even haggling to catch the 8pm company shuttle.

sometimes, it tend to be tiring, i was supposed to have my off-in-lieu but then since it was super busy, i decided to offset next time again….

even my saturday was super busy since my supervisor had urgent leave…so i need to take over the work…imagined having gone home at 4pm…parang regular working day na rin.

in order to get rid of my stressors, i wanted to satisfy my taste buds with pinoy food which i have been craving since thursday. so off we went to jologs and had the lunch and dinner in 1. i had bulalo while hubby had sizzling tilapia, though i was really craving for rellenong bangus, sana yun na lang pala…

also found a sale at U.R.S. in Katong Mall and grabbed 2 pairs of shoes at a very reasonable price.

sigh!………………such a good  riddance…shopping makes me happy…

could have rested for even a day!

party in sg

we had our first christmas party in singapore together with fellow pinoy friends.

it was a 3-in-1 party, morning is the wedding of vanj and dan, mid afternoon was the baptism of cata’s son (ka-w@w ko) and lastly the tropa’s christmas party.

ang saya saya talaga for the food was catered by the newly weds tapos we had some games and also exchange gifts.

here are our christmas party pics to enjoy. (credits to my fave photog, flo!)

tea break surprise

we had a good shut out session today…it was a surprise 10mins tea break for everyone…

it’s so nice that in every week, there’s  a tea break to look forward to…so we would be able to grab some food at the hawker centre.

it was a nice feeling that our general manager is applying the fish policy….we now enjoy the 10mins break that we’re having everyday…

the stretching time and “whatever you do” time, keeps us relaxed.

due to some of my missed pick ups, i need to monitor tomorrow the alternative trucker…hope it will all be ok…otherwise my boss will have a problem….pasaway ako, aga ng pagbigay sa akin ng work, na miss out ko sa dami ng work…