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do i see the light?

light in my world? will i see it soon?

i’m happy and excited as i tackle new challenge in my career…..over with the toughest challenge one can ever imagine …

now hope i can be competent enough as i face another horizon….


struggling at work

since february, when my colleague resigned, i’ve been having overloaded working days.

all my days are considered, STRESSFUL, i will shout, yell over the phone, and sorry to say, oftentimes, utter $#%&*^(@ and bang the phone after talking to customers or co workers.

this might be one among the phases of my life wherein i felt really stressed.

i hate to admit it but my stress really shows  when you see me…

how i hope this day will end….til when….will they pity me.

looking forward…

i and hubby had  a goal to achieve before end of 2010….

i just hope God will show me the signs whether to proceed or not to, by using my own means.

i have expressed and already mentioned my plans to management, but as i see it, i don’t think it will happen, or am i just to eager to move forward.

i and hubby want a stress free country to settle, 4 years had been a long wait of not having to conceive…as per my OB, i know i need to settle somewhere else than Singapore.

i am praying indeed if God grants me the sign.

Step 1 to be started and targetted by March.

God bless our plans….

mommy at 60…

Today marked to be one among the memorable days in our lives, my Mom’s 60th birthday. I was happy for her..she reached 60 but doesn’t looked like her age.

She is a working mom and does not want to retire so soon now that dad have left us already. She said she wanted to devote her time at work and to serve God. Since the time I left Pinas, my Mom have been so active in church activities and I was really so happy about it. She gained more friends and have been more closer to God.

I and my sis sent money for the catering services that my brother proposed and they also had dance instructor during her big day. syempre alone ang brother for the preps…

Too sad that I and my younger sister was not there to celebrate the memorable day of Mom! Though I tried calling her three times just to check out and I can hear how happy Mom is. She got visitors from our long lost relatives, her officemates and friends and some new friends from church.

and to you my dear Mommy, “we know that though we’re far apart, you will always be our best Mom in the world”

Here are the pictures!


blogging is back!

after several months (3months to be exact) of havin super busy schedule at work, including the abode hunt and all other stuff, i’m back to blogging.

since we moved in our new home in chai chee, there was no internet cafe near the area though my housemates have their laptop, of course, can’t get enough guts to borrow their techie just to update my blog.

i’m glad to be back….