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tamad mode and updating of entries…

Due to busy skeds recently, i’m on my most tamad mode to even blog and update.

A lot have been happening in my life pero wala lang talaga me sa mood to write…

Sige update na nga ko…

1.  Yesterday, 24 April, It was my scheduled off in lieu, since it was the wedding of our friends, Pau and Vieve, i have filed half day instead

Work update…so off from work ako in the afternoon…since my colleague and only 1 colleague in the team have gone off for her resignation, super busy ako sa work coz i have to take over her work, though my manager helps me din…pero syempre, doble pagod ako di ba…kasi ang workload ko double na…. I sometimes feel so tamad na parang di na gumagana utak ko with the heavy workload, pero para namang may choice ako, ni i organize and sort out my mails into their folders di ko na magawa….coz i want to try to be efficient in my work kahit nga sobrang uber na trabaho. Syempre this is my time to shine and to show them na kaya ko…so from work i had to rush things in half a day and delegate to my manager what is to be left to him…super bait naman nya about it…at hindi talaga ako inistorbo entire day….that’s what i like about him….super galing talaga…and will make you relax pag off mo.

Sistah update…since i promised my sister that i had to send her the 1 week package for her, syempre off to Lucky Plaza ako to canvass how to save in sending her the stuff she asked me to buy.  Punta muna ako sa mga forwarding industry but they charged too high, since I had our messenger canvass for me from Singpost, so dun na lang preference ko…yung 4kgs is worth sgd 100 equals na rin sa Php 3000.  Pero transit time is 2 weeks…wala lang akong guts to include yung perfume ng sister ko pero pwede if properly packed ko lang sana….paano pa yung talent ko sa dg cargo kung hindi ko kaya di ba?

Wedding update…after sending package to my sis in mauritius off to wedding ako, tinawagan na nga ako ng groom kasi they want me to witness and i had to take cab from Lucky Plaza….ang saya ng wedding nila sa ROM ( Registry of Marriage ) parang civil rites equivalent sa Pinas.  Tapos photo ops kami with my hubby as their photographer and me as the photo director for the shots…ang ganda ng kinalabasan.  syempre, yung kainan na rin which in fairness is a good caterer…sarap din ng food….and may pabaon pa kami….


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So I’m tagging my CWL Friends..whoever come across this post…

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on dg course

i have been nominated by my boss to take the Dangerous Goods Course on april 7,9 & 11..but this time it is by sea…which will be conducted by PSA lecturers.

i have been into this course in Philippines but it was by air conducted by Philippine Airlines.

it took 3 days of whole day class and my boss took over my job…so free from too much stress at work, but so pre occupied with the class lectures and practical exams.

it was a great experience….we had lectures and case studies as well. just hoping i will be able to make it in the exams…

my boss even wished me luck on Friday morning.

though after the class at 5pm, i had to iron out and check all mails and extend until 7pm to finish some work undone…

shop til you drop

shopaholic weekend…here we come… of course, its been so long since we shopped… its i and hubby’s therapy….to enjoy our weekend. went to suntec and had lunch…then bought his 2 pairs of levis jeans…i had 1 too… then he bought his casual black shoes again…mahilig din siya sa shoes eh….almost every payday, he buys one too. i bought a new reebok shoes as well…

sarap mag shopping!

woke up with body weakness

shit! (sorry for the word, but i was crying upon waking up!)….magising ka ba naman ng hindi mo maibangon sarili mo because since i got this swollen gums, comes along was numbness of my right arm and right leg.

i nearly can’t get out from bed…as in that night even turning from side to side was terrible…hubby said if i won’t go to work and just stay in bed, baka lalong lumala.

he had to pull me up…but the pain was terrible that i should do it with a chair to support myself…so just imagine the pain….tangnana di ba…all the while i thought i can’t walk anymore and that thought frightened me.

i had myself checked by the doctor the night before but they said i need to see dentist…

pero hindi ko na ininda and off to work ako though limpy at iika ika ang walk ko…