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alphabet blog tag

I have been tagged by my sister Bebe…

The first Alphabet Tag…

A – Available/single or taken: taken
B – Best friend: jazon and hubby xean
C – Cake or pie: pie
D – Drink of choice: white choco mocha frap from starbucks
E – Essential item you use everyday: cellphone, wallet, gloss or lipstick, bronze powder, liquid foundation, mascara, wet ones and hair brush
F – Favorite color: i love green and orange
G – Gummy bears or worms: gummy bears
H – Hometown: pacita, san pedro, laguna
I – Indulgence: on foods: chocolates
J – January or February: february
K – Kids & names: still in the making / xyane ysab zchecka or xyan yves zach

L – Life is incomplete without? husband, family, friends
M – Marriage date oct 14, 2005

N – Number of siblings: 2 (1 sister and 1 bro)
O – Oranges or apples: oranges
P – Phobias or fears: roaches and blood (eewww!, self confessed nurse who fears blood!)

Q – Fave quote: ” God has always planned our lives, we just need to be wiser what road to take with his guidance! ”

R – Reason to smile: knowing that i have hubby who has been there and my family

S – Season: summer
T – Tag 5 people: yann, aggie, angie, jacque, con con
U – Unknown fact about me: i’m sentimental

V – Vegetable you don’t like: alugbati
W – Worst habit: twisting and curling my hair during my idle times

X – Xrays you’ve had: once a year during annual check ups

Y – Your fave foods: the goldilock’s choco rumble, chef d angelo’s chicken, don henrico’s pizza and buffalo wings, cheesecake, leonida’s chocolates, sbarro’s baked ziti, supreme pizza and vegetable salad, cibo’s pesto pasta, french baker’s deli, subway’s crab sandwich, oatmeal cookie and turkey breast, starbuck’s ensaymada, blueberry cheesecake

Z – Zodiac sign : leo


a bum’s life

After careful assessment of my goals and mulling over with my hubby, i have finally decided to pursue our plans to search for greener pasture this year 2007. therefore, i finally decided to leave my 8-5work with French MNC in Makati wherein I spent my 9years of my work jouney.

Since we got no kiddo to nurture yet, (though we really would want to have one, anyway we’re only 1 year hitched)…but still had no luck to produce our offspring, we both decided to finally follow our heart for our longterm plans.

Its been 3 weeks of enjoying bums life. I and my hubby tendered our resignation effective April 10, 2007.

Its so happy to enjoy each day passing by with no work to worry about, no stress in meeting tender deadlines, no meeting and reports to attend to, no work related pressures and most of all, not being obliged to wake up early just to be on time for work.

Though sometimes, I miss working, I know I will soon have work in 2 weeks time, may it be in Singapore or here in the Philippines, I know I should take pleasure each and every bum day of my life for I won’t pass this very day all over again.

Holy Week getaway

We were deprived to go on holidays which is too far away from home since we need to wait for the notice of my work pass in Singapore.

Since my folks and other relatives had to push thru with their holiday destination in Pagudpod, I with my hubby, together with my sister and cousin decided to have our getaway in Tagaytay instead.

We went to Sonia’s Garden, had dinner in Leslie’s Tagaytay and hang out at Starbucks. We just enjoyed the cool breeze and fresh air….