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friday tutorials

still on my first week but trying to look forward to each new learning that i would have.

finally, this day, my manager, stefan took some time out to train me handle some files of export of aerospace parts and air transhipment of some oil and gas project files.

i was even confident enough to have shown him that i have easily learned the tutorial in booking that was taught by mastura.

tomorrow will be another day to look forward to…since i will be reporting for work on a saturday, usually skeletal din daw dito ang off….and my manager want me to have a feel of the month end fever…

 .:: weekend getaway ::.

since i will be having my work for saturday which is from 9am to 1pm, i will be following in the afternoon our friends to watch pbb big night at yew tee regency condo…syempre, kasi malaki tv nila and colored…kasi sa condo, may topak na tv….may swimming din daw sa maganda nilang pool and pihado inuman ulit.

then on sunday afternoon after the mass, we will be watching “Transformers” and it will be our first time to watch a movie here in singapore.  sa Cathay Cineplex pa, 1 among the biggest moviehouses dito…though sgd9.50 per person ang fee, of course, we have been sponsored by our kind friend (Thanks to you Dan!), bawi din kami next time…

i’ll just make update on what will happened with our weekend getaway.


orientation bonding

today marked the new employee orientation program for sdv.

actually, it’s only the 2nd time that they have conducted such since they only set up their full force of hr dept just this year, because from 52 headcount, they are now 358 employees.

after various presentation and company dept walk throughs, i realized how lucky enough i am to have joined the company.

truly, i have known sdv since i worked in sdv philippines for 9yrs but the experience in another entity such as singapore is different, for they really do have the sytem and the training for all employees.

we enjoyed our tour among the 4 other singapore office branches that we have…we have witnessed the logistics warehousing of our topmost account and other big accounts….

christian dior, louis vuitton, clarins, elizabeth arden and many more….

we were even orientation kits such as the manual, free clarins toner and lotion.

of course, refreshment was even more better, delifrance and coffee in the morning and japanese bento during lunch.

we finished touring loyang, jurong and tanjong pagar offices around 6pm.

training was fun…

finally, i am enjoying my workplace…..i have been meeting people who i have been working for the past years in manila.

i have met elizabeth and norimah….

belina was not able to do the training for me this morning since she had to attend to some urgent matters regarding systems process. she just handed to me the process flow to review.

so stefan decided to have me assisted by mastura to teach the online booking via different airlines. it was easy and i was able to even book 10 flights via different carriers.

while having my training, IT guy fixed my computer already.  i finally had my company email address bearing my married surname….oh di ba finally!

anyway, looking forward to learning even more in the next few days…

singaporean way of work

on my 2nd day, i noticed how hardworking they are here compared sa pinas….

parang every second counts for them, kulang na lang hindi sila kumain….

even my supervisor and managers are not leaving their nooks for their work….gusto ko yun…super challenging kasi sa akin to see myself working busy as a bee….

anyway, i have learned the seafreight part now and will be having another class with belina for the process flow.

i was even happy to be informed by hr manager that my division manager has recommended me to attend the Signature Customer Service Seminar this coming July 12-13 at a hotel in Clark Quay.  only 3 of us from different divisions were lucky enough to have been chosen….

now, i know that i will be having a good time and eventually grow with this company…this is what i wanted…continuous learning and growth as well.

i was informed that i will be joining the oil and gas/projects dept — it will be a challenge for i haven’t encountered such in pinas…

.:: housemate’s bday ::.

it’s arnel’s bday, one of our housemate…he didn’t know that we planned a surprise party for him.  he didn’t have a hint at all…some of his muntinlupa friends were even there to surprise him.  we had simple celebration having spaghetti, egg sandwich and lumpia and yummy chocolate cake.

the celebration lasted til 1am keeping me awake until that time….though it was a successful suprise party ….happy bday arnel!

1st day high

it’s my first day for work in sdv logistics singapore.

i can say, i’m pretty much excited and somehow nervous, as i’ll be interacting with different cultures.  i am the only filipino employee in the company….

in the morning, i was already oriented by belina (operations controller), regarding the pegasus usage.  she discussed with me the airfreight part.

she already gave me the username and password that i had to use.

during lunchtime around 1pm, i was approached by the operations controller, su pei and her assistant su yi to join them for lunch….i was so happy to have met them.

somebody even approached me and told me his mom was a filipino though he was already born in singapore…british singaporean siya….nasa back ko siya, sa ibang division siya..though i find him so nice…

on my nook, i share my nook with the cs manager of hitech, ivan and fronting me are my own supervisor and manager for the general accounts/project division…syempre, that means, super dapat work to death di ba.

i started browsing our system and get the hang of some important details though initially, i find it hard in the beginning, when i tried to study each file, its easy lang pala.

i was so overwhelmed when our MD, approached my nook 3 times to check on me and remind my supervisor and manager to take care of me….(haba ng hair!)

i had a very good day though tiring ang byahe….

lau pa sat getaway

i and hubby decided to go to novena earlier around 5pm in order not to be late for mass.

since aaron and angela went for museum tripping again, they asked us to join them to attend mass at city hall, cathedral of good shepherd. after the mass, we met with jenny and dan as well.

so we all decided to just eat out for dinner…..we had the yummy big buttered prawns, stingray, missed vegetables and kailan with oyster sauce…yummy di ba, syempre, they treated us out na din….thanks to our friends who are ever generous.

walkathon in macritchie

we went for the 11km walkathon at macritchie reservoir….

truly the experience was tiring but fun and contented in the end….plus the reward afterwards…

it was a walk that gave the gap in having city life in singapore….it was the most awaited 11km walk that we have planned along the lush greenery, and broad swamps ofthe reservoir.

it resembled as a big hectare of forest with the hanging bridge to complete it all….the one way, no turning back signage before you cross the bridge with the man having the counter machine once you pass by him…siyempre, scary at first, but ok din…will post some pictures soon.

we went together with flo (cata’s hubby) and dante (flo’s bro)….though we’re a bit late and started the walk around 8am, we only had 3 series of 5minute stop over and finished the 11km around 1130.

along the swamps, there we have witnessed fish and turtles and a fountain as well, with the good scenery of a golf course as well.

 MacRitchie Reservoir

we even can see crossing our way, monkeys, squirrels and big lizards…

to top it all, it was followed by a sumptuous lunch, na nawalan ng silbi ang 11km walk for we had yummy menudo, adobong chicken with pineapple and pinakbet at cata’s pad.

since they don’t want us to leave, they even offered to have merienda of champorado with tuyo…it felt like so much of pinas, di ba?

tapos, since ayaw pa rin nila, they offered to have the drinking session of the vodka, so we went home 12mn na….

it was a tiring but a great break for that weekend!