Archive for March 18th, 2008

absentee blogger and thought for career change…

just not in the mood recently to do blogging.

called in sick today because of my terrible swollen gums….which has ruined my appetite (which i think is helpful, i won’t have my normal cravings and will lose some weight….ehehehe!)…add a little of pounding headache too….which helps me feel body malaise…(weakness in general term)

recently, i am contemplating on what lies ahead of my career as of now.

i am having thoughts recently of going back to my career (for those who does not know yet, im a certified and registered nurse by profession but did not practice at all)….i am planning to apply as part timer in the hospital opposite my block….but i know it would be a long process for i need to be at least registered with singapore board of nursing….

hoping this will be the start of hoppin into the world where i am supposed to be in….