happy father’s day, dad!

this is not just an ordinary day for us….this is one among the special days of our lives in our family.

today marks the 30th day of dad in heaven….and today is father’s day.

We used to celebrate this special day by giving daddy a present in the past years when he was still here with us… i would usually give him something to add up on his polo collection to be used during his get up in his workplace.

my Mom would then buy him also pants or any special gift , then my brother would cook at home his favorite menu, my sister would buy him perfume too…which is one among the passion of dad…or we might go mall hopping and eat dinner at our favorite resto.

Since Dad is not with us anymore, we just prayed for him instead and had our bonding moments.

Since i now live independently with my husband, i had to meet Mommy, my sister, my brother, cousins and my aunt at Alabang Town Center to celebrate DAd’s 30th day and Father’s Day.

Celebrating this day without Dad is lonely but indeed a good bonding moment with my family again. After the last Mass, i immediately followed them at GOOD EARTH, wherein we ate all the favorite food of Daddy.

We know how happy Dad is right now.

we miss you Dad, happy father’s day again!


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